Recycling truck temporarily out of service


A DM Disposal recycling collection truck that has been out of service for the past few weeks in Port Townsend is expected to have replacement parts available for its repair this week.

“We’re working on getting it fixed as quickly as possible,” said Chris Giraldes, district manager for Waste Connections Inc., of the three-compartment recycling truck. Waste Connections is a parent company for DM Disposal, according to the company website.

The recycling truck’s compartments are for glass, plastic and metal, and paper and cardboard, with a crushing mechanism for the paper and cardboard section, he said, in order to flatten cardboard enough to prevent that section from filling too quickly.

Giraldes said the single-compartment trucks could be used for collecting either garbage or co-mingled recyclables.

Giraldes said recyclable materials are still being collected and properly recycled, but that crews are using a regular single-compartment collection truck while the three-compartment recycling truck is out of service.

“When it goes down, it takes a little bit to get it backed up,” Giraldes said of the recycling truck.

That means all recyclables were being co-mingled temporarily.

“We make sure we are recycling everything,” Giraldes said.


Greg Lanning, public works director for the City of Port Townsend, said DM Disposal contracts with the city for solid waste collection.

“That includes collecting green waste and curbside recycling,” Lanning said.

“DM has a separate truck to collect recyclables that keeps the sorted material in separate bins that are offloaded at the recycling facility near the East Jefferson County transfer station on Jacob-Miller Road. The DM Disposal recycling truck has been down and out of service for several weeks,” Lanning said.

In the event of the recycling truck being disabled and unable to make collections in Port Townsend, the contractor sends out a backup truck for collection, Lanning said.

“They do not have a second similar recycling truck with separate bins, but instead, send out a rear-loading truck similar to the general garbage collection truck. All recycled materials are thrown together in this truck, and the material is taken to a single-stream facility in Port Angeles operated by the contractor.

“The material at that facility is then sent to a larger recycling center near Tacoma, where the material is separated before being sent to the recycle markets. Although the recycled material is effectively co-mingled at the curb in Port Townsend and appears to be thrown in with all other trash, the material is ultimately being recycled,” Lanning said.

DM Disposal told the city that its recycle truck would be back in service and running on its normal schedule this week.


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