PUD sets date for COVID vaccine mandate

Posted 10/27/21



The Jefferson County Public Utility District will require all 54 employees to be fully vaccinated by Dec. 6.

The PUD, the Brotherhood of Electrical Workers union, and …

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PUD sets date for COVID vaccine mandate


The Jefferson County Public Utility District will require all 54 employees to be fully vaccinated by Dec. 6.

The PUD, the Brotherhood of Electrical Workers union, and laborer’s union met and agreed on the implementation of the mandate.

The vaccination deadline was announced Tuesday, Oct. 26.

All employees, from office employees to electrical workers, will be required to get the jab. The only exceptions are for workers with medical reasons and sincerely held religious beliefs.

Religious exemption and medical accommodation forms have been distributed to employees, and are due by Nov. 1.

Since the PUD has contracts with the Washington State Department of Transportation, the utility district is complying with statewide mandates issued by Gov. Jay Inslee for all state employees to get vaccinated.

The decision was initially announced Oct. 16, and was made due to the rapid spread of the Delta variant across the country.

Our general manager [Kevin Streett] wants us to comply with state rules and government policies,” said Will O’Donnell, PUD communications director. “He felt it was best to have one policy that applies to all.”

Employees have to get their first vaccine dose by Nov. 6 and have their second dose administered no later than Dec. 6., and can choose between Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson to be fully vaccinated.

“We’re all working together,” O’Donnell said.


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  • solmaker

    Those pushing mandates for experimental shots that do not prevent infection nor transmission and require untested "boosting" every 6 months should ponder well today's heartbreaking news of a young Port Townsend woman whose heart was maimed by an employer-forced injection:


    Young Heart Damaged by Pfizer Vax

    PT woman, 27, now has heart of an 80-year-old

    “Only 30% of my heart works. I’m now on heart failure medication for months, years, or maybe even up to a lifetime. I can’t hike, work out, go on long walks. I can’t do anything active or anything I once loved doing for a very long time or possibly ever again. Everything has been ripped from me.

    My entire life just changed.”

    On November 10, 2021, a 27-year-old Port Townsend woman’s life was altered, perhaps irreversibly, when she received her second Pfizer Covid injection.

    With a family history of heart failure, she had resisted vaccination, concerned that the shot “would attack my heart.” A requirement to receive the jabs for work convinced her to relent. While she prefers to remain anonymous at present, she hopes her story can help others facing similar pressures. For the purpose of sharing her experience, we’ll call her Laura:

    “I’m sitting in a lot of anger and regret. This vaccination is hurting people. If this can save other people’s hearts….”

    An athletic, active young woman in the prime of life, Laura had no health issues prior to vaccination. Past physicals she’d been given had always pronounced her “healthy as can be.” Military bootcamp-style two-hour workouts kept her in peak physical condition. She avidly pursued weight training and boxing. Now, less than two weeks after her second shot, she has been advised that she may need to be on heart medications for the rest of her life, unable to engage in normal physical activities ever again.

    After her first Pfizer mRNA shot October 22nd at Tri-Area Pharmacy in nearby Port Hadlock, within 24 hours Laura felt “really sick”, sweating so profusely that her clothes and bed sheets were soaked through. When she went back to the pharmacy to ask if this was a side-effect from the vaccine, she was told that it was not.

    Following her second shot at the pharmacy, it took 24 hours before the same reaction occurred—profuse sweating. This time additional issues manifested…. body aches, tension headaches, the sensation that “bugs were crawling in my skin.”

    “My body aches were so bad, I couldn’t lift my arm. My neck was so tender, I couldn’t lay on the side of my head. I couldn’t feel my chest. It felt like my entire body was shutting down.”

    On day 3 following the shot, her condition was so severe, Laura spent all day in bed. On day 4, she checked in with Tri-Area Pharmacy again.

    This time, “the pharmacist said [my reaction] was ‘normal’.”

    By the end of day 4, her chest pain was increasing. At midnight on November 13th it was so bad she called the CDC vaccination hotline. The operator there told her to wait another 24 hours before seeking medical attention. Fortunately, she did not follow that advice. Had she waited, she might not have seen another day. With her chest pain continuing to intensify, Laura drove herself to Jefferson Healthcare (JHC) at 4 am the morning of the 14th.

    She arrived at the hospital’s emergency room “in heart attack mode”. The ER physician said her heart was failing, and acknowledged that the vaccine had caused pericarditis—inflammation of the protective sac surrounding the heart. At 8 am she received results from a battery of tests including an EKG, ultrasound, and blood work. “The doctor said he didn’t know how I was still alive.”

    Read the rest of this sobering story at PortTownsendFreePress.com

    Monday, November 22 Report this