Prop. 1 proponents raise more than opponents

Allison Arthur
Posted 10/31/17

Proponents of Proposition 1, under a campaign called Homes Now, run by Bruce Cowan and Deborah Pedersen, have raised $16,588 with the largest campaign contribution, $5,000, coming from Ashley …

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Prop. 1 proponents raise more than opponents


Proponents of Proposition 1, under a campaign called Homes Now, run by Bruce Cowan and Deborah Pedersen, have raised $16,588 with the largest campaign contribution, $5,000, coming from Ashley Bullitt, a former Jefferson County planning commission member.

Donations to the No on Proposition 1 campaign are being funneled through the Jefferson County Republican Central Committee. Jim Scarantino, who is managing the “no” campaign, wrote on Oct. 20 that the campaign has raised $4,706.73 in cash and in-kind donations, and had expenses and in-kind costs of $4,437.11.

Steve Crosby, both chair of the Jefferson County GOP party, made the largest donation of $1,000 to the anti-Prop. 1 campaign, according to the state Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) reports.

Crosby said he thought Jefferson County was an excellent place to retire, but now believes local leaders “see our homes as their cash register.”

“This is yet another tax piled on top of an avalanche of levies that have already buried us. Our taxes have doubled in the past ten years,” Crosby wrote in an email. He said he thought that owning a home would be “the bedrock of a solid retirement and financial plan,” but that it now looks like “a liability.”

Bullitt explained by email that her family has been involved with Jefferson County for a long time and both of her sons graduated from Port Townsend High School. She lived in Port Townsend for a decade before moving to Seattle.

“During my six years as a Jefferson County planning commissioner, the question of how low-paying jobs and unaffordable housing was hollowing out our community was the background to every decision we struggled over,” she wrote, adding that “Jefferson County was our home and will always be part of our hearts.”


In addition to the $5,000 from Bullitt, other contributions have come from:

(Note that all people listed after the dollar amount gave that amount and all information came from the state PDC.)

$1,000: Libby Palmer, Nils Pedersen, Washington Housing Alliance Action Fund

$900.60: David Sullivan (Jefferson County commissioner)

$500: Linda Abbott-Roe, Bruce Cowan, Joyce Francis, Deborah Pedersen

$250: Carla Main

$200: Phyllis J. Camfield, Emily Ingram

$150: George Yount

$100: Pam Clise, John Fabian, Ian Keith, Earll Murman, Nomura Real Estate, Gail Rodgers, David Rymph, Pete Von Christierson, Veda Wilson, David Woodruff, Jeanette Woodruff

$75: James Golden, Kendra Golden

$50.05: Austin K. Kerr

$50: Tom Camfield, John Collins, John Collins, John Collins, Mike Cornforth, Natalie Cowan, Richard Davies, Heather Dudley-Nolette, Adele M. Govert, Carol Graves, Carol Graves, Claus Janssen, Kathleen Kler, Helen Kolff, Kees Kolff, Gary Larson, Linda B. Martin, David W. McCulloch, Julianne McCulloch, Catherine McNabb, Cameron McPherson, Roger McPherson, Philippe Meany, Dean L. Morgan, Puget Sound Advocates for Retirement Action, K.A. Raffo, George Randels, Dave Robison, Jeffrey W. Showman, Bill Taylor, Jenifer Taylor, Lynn C. Taylor, James T. Tough, Glenn Waldenberg, Phyllis Waldenberg, Sheila Westerman, Dale Wilson

$40: Freida M. Fenn

$30: Daniel R. Erlenborn

$25: John Behrens, John Behrens, Peter Bonyun, Melinda Bryden, Mel Christensen, Jill Hamilton, John Hamilton, Ron Hayes, Linda Karp, Beth Lorber, Robert Marrett, Susan Marrett, Mike Morrissey, Vetica Alise Moss, Jim Pearson, Molly Pearson, Seth Rolland, Kathy Stevenson, M.L. Tucker, Dale Wilson, Stephanie A. Wilson

$23: Gary Bristow

$20: Larry Dennison, Mike Hamilton, Mark Huth, Claus Janssen, Diane Jones, Patricia Jones

Homes Now has spent money at The Sign Station for yard signs, with The Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader for advertising and the UPS Store.


(Note that because the funds are going through the Jefferson County Republican Central Committee, The Leader used only donations listed on the PDC reports made from August through mid-October and also asked Jim Scarantino to confirm that. County commissioners approved the measure for the ballot on July 31, so donations before that date are not included).

Contributions were made by:

(Note that all people listed after the dollar amount gave that amount, according to the PDC.)

$1,000: Steve Crosby

$500: Gene Farr, Scott Hogenson, Jim Scarantino

$425.15: Proceeds from low-cost fundraiser

$400: Richard Hild

$200: Bonnie Broders, Lynn Hisey, Lynn Hisey

$120: Brent Garrett

$119: Proceeds from low-cost fundraiser

$100: Samantha Cannon, Ken Fishel, Kathy Hill, Robert Jautz, Stuart Milbrad, William Montgomery, Jim Scarantino, Danille Turissini

$74: Proceeds from low-cost fundraiser

$69: Proceeds from low-cost fundraiser

$54.50: Lynn Hisey

$50: Karl Boettcher, William Robinson, Richard Schurman

$46.11: Lynn Hisey

$45: Scott Hogenson, Melanie Hundley

$25: Proceeds from low-cost fundraiser

Those contributions were spent on The Sign Station for yard signs, Carl’s Building Supply for stakes, 1010 Graphics, Fred Lewis Scout Cabin, the Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader.

Jodi Wilke of Port Townsend was paid $1,200 for campaign management.


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