Pro-septic in Hadlock


For the record, not everyone in Port Hadlock is pro-sewer. Looking closely inside the red lines of the map (4/29 issue pg. 8) I’ve noticed that relatively few of the homes in Port Hadlock are included. It is mostly the large undeveloped land owned by the “core group” of property owners who will benefit from a sewer system by allowing them to turn our small and quiet community into an “anywhere USA” of big-box stores and strip malls with a few cheaply built dwellings thrown in.

We already have everything we need in Port Hadlock; QFC, The Corner Store in Chimacum, True Value and Carl’s and Arrow Lumber for building supplies, gas stations, auto repair, restaurants, bars, banks, a motel, barbers and beauty salons, etc. We don’t need huge box stores and their vast paved parking lots washing polluted rainwater into Chimacum Creek and overwhelming the “Mom & Pop” local retailers.

The article states that in 2018 this “core group” presented the county with a petition indicating strong support for a sewer. How many homeowners stated their support for sewers, not realizing their property wouldn’t be included?

Will this wastewater treatment facility be state-of-the art? Will it be a combined system that collects surface runoff as well? Will it be able to withstand a heavy rain season without overflowing raw sewage into the Salish Sea?

The county’s money would be better spent by assisting in updating and improving the already installed septic systems at minimal cost to home and business owners. Septic systems are a much more environmentally friendly way of treating waste water than pumping it out to our beautiful Salish Sea waters.

Alan Susnow
Port Hadlock


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  • PTArtist

    I appreciate hearing this point of view. If only commercially zoned ares will be served by the new sewer system, there may be some grounds for concern.

    Well maintained septic systems are probably a good way to treat waste, but reality is they are too often neglected over time. However I would love to see a shift to more environmentally friendly water treatment. A few towns have established water treatment using the land & plants. If this works, it would great to see all new small town water treatment systems follow that model.

    Wednesday, May 6, 2020 Report this