Megalomaniacal Donald and the American Dream

Tom Camfield
Posted 9/25/19

I was going to write more specially about Donald’s megalomania but that’s not going away, and he’ll just have to stand by idling on that front—as an all-around massive pain in …

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Megalomaniacal Donald and the American Dream


I was going to write more specially about Donald’s megalomania but that’s not going away, and he’ll just have to stand by idling on that front—as an all-around massive pain in the area of the coccyx—until I get back to the matter of the deranged and ever-present narcissism that seems to be driving his early-stage dementia.

Meanwhile, in his megalomaniacal fantasy world, he seems to think his privileged position gives him all the weapons in whichever direction he turns in search of tribute and adulation. Wrong, Donald! You’re never going to be able to beat down reality—the truth and morality of a virtuous social conscience. It is you who will eventually be cast off to the side of the road to the future.

Ilhan Omar has become a major target of Donald Trump. She has criticized his snuggling up to corrupt Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his complicity in the persecution of Palestinian Muslims. Donald, in his crude use of the brevity of tweets has, among other things, accused her of being “pro-terrorist.”

Omar is one of the “AOC-plus three” or “The Squad” that also includes first-term Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib. Trump at one point suggested they all, who had been critical of him, “return to where they came from.” While these four freshman U.S. Congresswomen all have Muslim, Puerto Rican or African-American ethnicity, three of them were born in the U.S. Omar fled Somalia’s civil war, coming to the United States at age 12 and becoming a naturalized citizen some 5 years later.

I view The Squad as a dramatic flourish to the handwriting on the wall that so seems to frighten Donald and his white-nationalist followers where the changing demographics of American society are concerned. I see these women as similar to the bold signature of John Hancock on the Declaration of Independence.

On one Internet site, ilhan points out, "I know what intolerance looks like.”

Her home page gives her focus as “fighting to restore moral clarity to Congress and ensure everyone has access to the American Dream.” She represents a Minnesota district including the city of Minneapolis. Her ambitious agenda includes Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, revoking the Muslim Ban, tuition-free and a debt-free college education, an understanding that housing is a human right, and elections and politicians that cannot be bought. She sounds like a keeper to me, a true antithesis of Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, as I was pointing out elsewhere the other day, Trump and his shameless cohorts have already begun the dirty tricks that will undoubtedly accelerate during the coming year. A headline today (Sept. 20): "Trump pushes tweet falsely claiming Ilhan Omar partied on 9/11 anniversary." See

Some latest detail of all that, quoting The Washington Post: “Rep. Ilhan Omar on (Sept. 18) accused President Trump of spreading ‘lies that put my life at risk’ after the president retweeted a post falsely claiming the Minnesota Democrat ‘partied on the anniversary of 9/11.’

“Omar said the video of her dancing was taken not on the anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001, attacks but at a Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) . Earlier (Sept. 18), Trump had retweeted a post by conservative actor and comedian Terrence K. Williams claiming that the video of Omar was taken on the anniversary of the attacks

“The original video appears to have been taken on Sept. 13.”

So tell us more about the source of “fake news,” Donald.

Williams, whose tweet Trump forwarded has spread conspiracy theories in the past, including recently one that the death of Jeffrey
Epstein, charged with widespread sex trafficking, might be tied to former President Bill Clinton. Donald forwarded that one too, describing Williams as “a very highly respected conservative pundit.”

Good grief, Donald! Narcissistic megalomania has indeed eaten away your sanity.

Omar is right about the threat to her life via the president of the United States, in which hate crimes are on the rise and gun violence is going unchecked—as he panders to white supremacists and conservative pigs at the trough. And as I’ve commented recently, while her entire liberal agenda may be a bit much for wholesale fructification with any immediacy, I like the overall direction of her aim to rekindle and fan the flames of the American Dream and the inclusiveness of its nature. Her resolve runs deep in a selfless soul.

I have no fear of Ilhan Omar. I greatly dread Donald’s Dystopia.


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Justin Hale

Looks must be important to you Tom since you lace all of your Trump-hating blogs with the most unflattering photos of the President you can find, some obviously photo-shopped.

Omar is anti-Israeli, pro- Palestinian, her trip that was planned for Israel was sponsored by Miftah an anti-Israeli, pro-Palestinian organization. Every administration since the establishment of the state of Israel has been pro-Israel and considered them our strongest ally in the Middle East, but of course, the Trump-haters will dump on Trump for being pro-Israel, and praise those who side with the enemies of Israel.

"Her ambitious agenda includes:

Medicare for All, She sounds like a keeper to me"..... Great, so you support the idea of forcing the taxpayers to pay for free medical care to those in our country illegally. I'm not and neither is Trump

A Green New Deal,..... Are you in favor of sending our tax dollars to third world nations which have a long history of corruption and diverting our aid into the pockets they were never intended for? I'm not.

Revoking the Muslim Ban..... So the Obama Muslim ban was OK by you but the same ban under Trump has to go,,,,,yeah right.

Housing is a human right,..... Right, so now not only do the workers/taxpayers have to struggle to house themselves and their families but they get to pay for other families as well.

Elections and politicians that cannot be bought...... You mean like not accepting trips to Israel paid for by Miftah.

Sorry Tom but none of those points reflect the American Dream, maybe your's but certainly not mine and I believe most Americans.

Can't wait to see your take on the latest "Impeach Trump" gambit.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019
Marge Samuelson

My only comment on Trump impeachment is about Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats:


Wednesday, September 25, 2019
Justin Hale

Marge, there's this pesky little detail, it's called the law, evidence of wrongdoing, you know actually committing an impeachable offense. I hope the Democrats in the House spend the next year on this Witch hunt and in the end the House will vote to impeach and the Senate will not. Just as what happened with the Clinton impeachment, the real losers were the Republicans, this time the Democrats will be the losers.

Thursday, September 26, 2019
Marge Samuelson

You are so wrong Justin. Trump has shot himself in the foot one to many times. The odds are he will either be impeached or he will resign in disgrace. Personally I think the man is mentally unfit for the office.

Thursday, September 26, 2019
Justin Hale

Marge, tell us what impeachable offense President Trump has committed.

Your hatred for the President isn't sufficient.

Thursday, September 26, 2019
Tom Camfield

You're too quick to label every criticism of Donald as some form of "hatred," Justin.

You can repeat, repeat, repeat with that handy catch-all, ignoring the specifics of factual reality—but the hatred still belongs to the likes of Donald Trump and his crowd. Democrats remain the ones concerned with the plight of the needy, suffering and abused.

Show me some sign of compassion for others from Donald Trump—and I don't mean just some convenient photo op. He has a certain appeal to the grunt-and-scratch troglodytic crowd by pandering to their baser instincts, but that's just to keep them around to satisfy his own egocentric need for adulation. That counts for nothing down in the neighborhoods of real America, where real love so often is desperately needed.

And I fear Madcap Donald is just too damned narcissistic to ever resign from office. He'll have to be dragged out kicking and bellowing, even if it adds to his destruction of our society in some way—while availing him nothing.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Perhaps the phone call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky asking if he had anything on Hunter Biden, Joe Biden's son it would be a good thing might qualify as an impeachable offense. He will have to face an inquiry into what has been exactly the whistle blower has to say.

"Legal experts say Trump’s call with Zelensky, in which he asked the Ukrainian president to investigate Joe Biden’s son Hunter and may have implicitly tied foreign aid money to the request, may not have violated the letter of the law. “That would be politicizing law enforcement investigations and particularly politicizing a foreign law enforcement investigation for personal political gain,” says national security lawyer Bradley Moss. “I don’t know if the law has quite caught up to that idea, because we haven’t really contemplated the notion.” Time Magazine,

Impeachment isn't a legal process it is a constitutional one. Congress has the right to investigate if they feel the president has used his office for his own personal gain, such as seeking help from foreign governments to investigate another candidate for president.

Thursday, September 26, 2019
Marge Samuelson

The last comment was mine. I don't understand why the Leader just doesn't print comments if no name given!

Thursday, September 26, 2019
Tom Camfield

Let's get a few things squared away. There's no photo-shopping of my images of Donald Trump, for one thing, Justin. They all are taken from reputable news sites on the Internet. So if Donald Trump looks like a fool, it's his fault. If he looks hateful, it's his fault. I could also get some of them by screen-grabbing from on-line videos--as I did with the photo here of Ilhan. Check my next Wednesday blog: I'll identify the photographers.

I, myself, am critical of the Israeli government but have no hatred of Jews or have any anti-Semitism in my soul. I have grandchildren who are half Jewish (and great grandchildren who are half-Asian). I think Donald Trump is scum. I have compassion for Palestinians seeking some measure of verification and happiness in their lives. Muslims and I bleed the same color blood. As for Middle East alliances, Trump is basically anti-Arab (except when it is financially convenient to be otherwise, as per the Saudis). Israel is a default position, handy for laundering federal funds, etc Actually sort of a part of the U.S. military-industrial complex.

As for "medicare for all," etc., I'm just plain opposed to denying medical care to anyone needing it. I'm against chidden crying in pain. Extended life should not belong merely to the wealthy. There are hard-working people with kindly souls all around us who should not be consigned to a painful premature death still seeking a small measure of happy existence. That is cruelty to the extreme. It makes no difference where they live or what tint their skin might have. This is not a world that was designed for the hedonistic pleasures of the residents of Mar-a-Lago. Part of my heart remains with the likes of Chinese gardener Ah Tom (gone some 52 years), who lived in a dirt-floor structure across the street from me during the Great Depression, here in Port Townsend. His spirit is a symbol of much that plagues our society today.

By the same token, I believe chidden should spend their early lives with a roof over their heads—and food on the table. If circumstances make this impossible for say, a deserted mother with a couple of kids, it's not something we should live with during our own life pursuits.

As for a Green Deal, as the young Swedish girl about whom I will write next week pointed out, we already have passed the point of full return on global warming and climate change. We're seeing the destruction of the planet with many among us arguing over nickels and dimes—and being one-up on others in some truly meaningless way.

Like 16-year-old Greta Thunberg said to the United Nations assembly this past week: "How dare you?"

Donald Trump lies in bed at 4 a.m. playing with his tweeter. There's got to be more than that to a life with any measure of social conscience. Let's give a shout-out to our society's social workers, nurses/doctors, food bank volunteers, Habitat for Humanity, liberal activists and the many other similar people in the room.

I'm just sayin" on the way out the door . . . "What kind of people are we, anyway?"

Thursday, September 26, 2019
Justin Hale

And you Tom are too quick to label/libel people you don't know.

Why should President Trump resign? The way the Democrats are going he will be in office for another four years.

Thursday, September 26, 2019
Justin Hale

"Perhaps the phone call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky asking if he had anything on Hunter Biden, Joe Biden's son it would be a good thing might qualify as an impeachable offense."..... Really Marge? seeking the truth can be considered an impeachable offense?.

Marge, do some research on the Ukraine since the Orange Revolution, the Burisma energy group, Hunter Biden's employment with Burisma 2014-2019, up to $50k per month, and how Joe Biden had the prosecutor who was investigating corruption in Burisma Group fired.

It's amazing to me how the Trump haters can rant and rave about corruption when it comes to Trump, real or imagined, and yet when he seeks to uncover corruption he get's accused of being corrupt,,,,,makes your head swim trying to follow the logic of the Trump haters.

" Congress has the right to investigate if they feel the president has used his office for his own personal gain," .....Well, shouldn't that apply to investigating the Biden/Burisma case? That is what Trump is accused of asking for.

Biden will not be the nominee of the DNC.

Thursday, September 26, 2019
Justin Hale

Tom, I never said that you photo-shopped, but it's obvious that you have used images that have been. I can take anyone, given enough online video clips, and make them look any way I want. Bottom line is that you select the images of Trump that fit your purposes. It's an old tactic of demonizing your enemy.

"Trump is basically anti-Arab (except when it is financially convenient to be otherwise, as per the Saudis)."..... So then Trump isn't actually anti-Arab.

Regarding Medicare for all. Anyone who enters any emergency room, anywhere, will be treated, and a large portion of those treated will not pay for it, so don't give me this krap about children crying in pain.

There are hard-working people with kindly souls all around us who should not be unduly burdened with providing medical care for illegals.

As for giving a shout-out, I think the one sure thing that you and I will agree on is that Jimmy Carter is a blessing.

We are the kind of people we are, any which-way.

Friday, September 27, 2019
Tom Camfield

You're straw-clutching again, Justin. There's not some sneaky conspiracy out here to smudge Donald's angelic record by photo-shopping his image. If there is, kicking around, some posed photo of Donald smiling broadly for the camera, it would hardly be appropriate for, say, accompany something like describing some of his actions and words toward refugees at our southern border—or how he's going to get even with that uppity state of California.

That would be to eerie.

There are, of course, a number of obviously-comic caricatures to be found on the Internet, and some such turn up occasionally in editorial (a.k.a. opinion) cartoons.

Most that I've used, I'm sure, are from some of his self-serving pep rallies he's conducted—between rounds of golf—at public expense ever since taking office. He loves shouting and bellowing falsehoods to rouse the unenlightened as he berates any form of real intelligence as "fake news."

The photo I have for my next blog shows him in a rare moment with his damned mouth closed for a change, but it's about the best one yet—and perfectly illustrates the situation. It's by Carrio Allegri of Reuters, a highly-respected world-wide news service of long standing, such as Associated Press. These services and the individual members of the news media they serve (Washington Post, New York Times, Seattle Times, Los Angeles Times, etc.) have been keeping the public factually informed for many years on what government's doing behind our backs, and on the fake news the likes of shallow-minded Donald throw our way;

Friday, September 27, 2019