Margaret Ann Rice

October 17, 1936 - August 10, 2019


Margaret was born October 17, 1936 in Visalia, CA. Almost 4 years later she received a brother named Richard Jones. The two had a happy childhood. Visalia, contrary to now, was small. Children ran barefoot in the summer and played in the sprinklers and everyone had great picnics. In the winter we sat by real wood fireplaces and told stories.

Margaret finished high school and went to the junior college in town: College of the Sequoias. The first day she met the man she would marry: George Rice. The next year she followed him to Fresno State College. Margaret liked Spanish, but decided to major in Home Economics because it was a requirement at that time for junior high girls. She got a job and they got married. She worked while George went to law school at Hastings in San Francisco.

They then had three children: Kenneth Rice, Phillip Rice and Elizabeth Rice in the years 1965, 1967 and 1969. Living in Saratoga, CA, they had a happy life. Each of the children are happy in their careers. Margaret said one day “I’m going to De Anza College and take a Spanish class.” From there she went to San Jose State College and received a degree in Spanish and with this credential she could also teach English as a Second Language.

At this time George and Margaret parted and Margaret headed south to live by her brother in Santa Ana. They had fun traveling to Mexico and seeing Carmel and downtown Los Angeles, Corona del Mar and other pretty places. Richard died of a brain aneurysm.

Margaret returned to Oakland and taught Spanish and ESL until her son said, “Come to Port Townsend.” Life for eleven years was a joy: friends, family, laughter and music. Margaret is survived by two grandchildren: Issa Rice and Amana Rice, children of Ken Rice and Naoko Rice. She is also survived by her Aunt Margaret’s son, Joseph William Sites.

For years it was an extended family of grandparents, aunts and children. People Margaret remembered were her marvelous Spanish teacher in Port Townsend, Vicky Bertreand, and her choir director and pianist, Diane Thompson, and her pastor, Tony Brown whom she always called “new” because he was the most creative and caring pastor she had ever known.

Margaret passed away peacefully in her sleep on the evening of Saturday, August 10, 2019, with her two sons each holding one of her hands.


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