Jefferson County had fourth highest voting rate in state

Kelli Ameling
Posted 8/28/18

Jefferson County had the fourth highest voter turnout during the primary elections with 60.28 percent of voters casting their ballots. CountyAccording to certified results from Secretary of State …

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Jefferson County had fourth highest voting rate in state


Jefferson County had the fourth highest voter turnout during the primary elections with 60.28 percent of voters casting their ballots.



According to certified results from Secretary of State Kim Wyman, 15,135 of the 25,109 registered voters in Jefferson County voted and were certified.

During each election, ballots are checked and certified from all 39 counties before results become “official.”

Jefferson County’s results were certified on Aug. 21.

According to the United States Census Bureau, Jefferson County had an estimated 30,466 residents as of 2015. 

The county with the highest turnout of voters was Garfield County at 69.01 percent of its registered voters casting a ballot. Garfield County has 1,591 registered voters, of which 1,098 people had their ballots certified. 

Franklin County came in last for voter turnout as only 33.59 percent of its 34,538 registered voters had cast a ballot Aug. 7.

Below are the certified results and ballot count for candidates and proposals:



The Chimacum School District No. 49 levy passed with 3,233 “yes” votes (58.66 percent). Of the votes cast, 2,278 people voted “no” to renew a levy for capital improvements, including facilities, technology and safety in the Chimacum School District.



District 101: Ann Waldron 112 votes - Franklin Wallbrown 10 votes;

District 102: Ben Rutherford 53 votes - Ray Hunter 37 votes;

District 103: Chelsea Pronovost 42 votes - Thomas Meyer 34 votes;

District 104: Linda Sutton 193 votes- Marty Gilmore 179 votes;

District 201: Patricia Jones 161 votes - Clayton White 64 votes;

District 204: Beth Stroh-Stern 129 votes - Jolene Elkins 96 votes;

District 301 Gail Lucas 50 votes - John Hamilton 33 votes;

District 302: Jean Ball 103 votes - Maj-Britt Peacock 58 votes;

District 304: Linda Brewster 203 votes - Alise Moss Vetica 200 votes;

District 306: Bethel Prescott 104 votes - Nancy Lee Mann 86 votes, Jeff Graham 53 votes;

District 500: Linda Karp 252 votes - Amber Rose 187 votes;

District 502: Gerald Lesser 100 votes - John Pizzo 80 votes;

District 505: John Fabian 155 votes - Juliet Parfrey 87 votes;

District 700: Cynthia Koan 150 votes - Tobi McEnerney 146 votes;

District 702: Gary Engbrecht 119 votes - Rick Dennison 81 votes;

District 703: Gary Larson 141 votes - Jackie Aase 92 votes;

District 704: Jonathan Bakin 98 votes - Carol Gallup 74 votes;

District 706: Bruce Cowman 341 votes - Patricia Walat 221 votes;

District 707: John Collins 296 votes - Bernie Donanberg 133 votes;

District 708: Elizabeth “Libby” Urner Wennstrom 234 votes - Charlotte Wells 172 votes;

District 709: John Austin 309 votes - Nate Malmgren 112 votes.


Uncontested races

The Jefferson County Elections Office noted if write-in candidates were cast, they did not appear on the results “if the total number of write-in votes is too small to affect the outcome of the election.”

Jefferson County Assessor Jeff Chapman received 10,491 votes; Auditor Rose Ann Carroll received 10,558 votes; Clerk Ruth Gordon received 10,586 votes; while Treasurer Stacie Prada received 10,310 votes.

Chapman, Carroll, Gordon and Prada all hold their respective seats currently.



Republican Jon Cooke still in the lead with 1,716 votes (36.88 percent), advancing him to the general elections in November.

Democrat Greg Brotherton came in with 1,628 votes (34.99 percent), making him a contender in the November election as well.

Democrat Ryan Mc Allister did not advance, receiving 886 votes (19.04 percent) along with Democrat Craig Durgan, who received 423 votes (9.09 percent).


Contested county races

The race for Jefferson County prosecutor and sheriff will not be decided until the general election in November. However, the certified results show the incumbents trailing behind in both race.

Democrat Michael Haas came in with 5,417 votes (45.33 percent) in the prosecutor race.

Democrat James Kennedy was ahead with 6,533 votes (54.67 percent).

Independent candidate David Stanko was trailing with 5,306 votes (37.52 percent) in the sheriff’s race.

Democrat Joe Nole received 8,837 votes (62.48 percent).



There are two Representative positions in the 24th district to be determined in the general election - position 1 and 2.

In position 1, Democrat Mike Chapman was ahead with 10,217 votes (70.09 percent).

Republican Jodi Wilke received 4,360 votes (29.91 percent).

In position 2, Democrat Steve Tharinger received 10,014 votes (70.21 percent, while Republican Jim McEntire received 4,249 votes (29.79 percent). 

These seats, which are currently held by Chapman and Tharinger, are multi-county races, and these results only reflect the voters of Jefferson County. 


U.S. Candidates

Port Townsend native Tyler Myles Vega (progressive) fell short in advancing in the U.S. Representative 6th Congressional district with 939 votes (6.41 percent).

Republican Douglas Dightman and Democrat Derek Kilmer will advance to the general elections, after receiving 3,710 and 9,989 votes, respectively.

Kilmer currently holds the seat.

Democrat Maria Cantwell and Republican Susan Hutchison will advance as candidates for U.S. Senator. Cantwell, who currently holds the position, received 9,394 votes (64.97 percent), while Hutchison received 2,803 votes (19.39 percent).

There were 29 candidates in all vying for the position with the remaining 27 candidates each receiving 1.82 percent of the votes or less.