Excitement in Ludlow? Chimacum auction and charity toilets


There was excitement of all kinds over the weekend in Port Ludlow.

Saturday evening held the fourth annual dinner and auction benefiting the Chimacum Schools ASB and sport programs. The student moderator for the evening was Ava Vaughn who we have come to know as next summer’s “short-term” Rotary foreign exchange student. Most of the time the students have either come here or gone abroad for an academic year. Ava applied for and qualified for the “short-term” program planning to go spend six weeks with a family, probably in Spain, and returning home to host the student from her host family abroad. She and her buddies Viola and Eugenia Frank did a great job with many of the duties of the event.

GBF catering again provided a superior taco bar dinner. The size of the crowd required a long wait in line for food unless you bid $500 for the right to be first in line, which one table did. Another table had bid $400 for the same privilege so they settled for being second in line for their bid! The auction raised a lot of money for the school programs but a couple of live auction items were not even bid upon. For instance, there was a trip to a “dude ranch” in Arizona for two that could have been had for $650 that failed to garner any interest. And yet somebody paid $500 to be first in the food line? Go figure.

Saturday morning’s successful charity breakfast at the Bay Club benefiting the “Toilets in Togo” project by the Rotary Club was well attended by folks from all over Port Ludlow as well as Port Townsend luminaries David and Theresa Goldsmith. I enjoyed sitting next to Port Ludlow Voice editor Maggie Blackburn as we chatted about her and Bill’s upcoming move back across the Sound. Something about a grandchild of hers and husband Bill’s. She is looking for a successor at the Voice, so if you are interested in a high-profile volunteer position in Port Ludlow, give Maggie a call.

Later Saturday morning I went to the meeting for LMC members to review the draft of the new rules and regulations. I know, can anything be more exciting than this? Frankly, there were several suggestions for improvement plus expected excitement over a shed, meeting attendance, legal authority etc. Alan Keisler did a great job moderating the meeting and assuring all that their comments and suggestions would be given a complete review. The work involved in developing these rules has been monumental over the past five years as the LMC board along with legal counsel have done a good job bringing the rules into compliance with the CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions) and Washington state law. A similar review is available for all members on Tuesday, Feb. 25 at 6 p.m. at the Beach Club.

OK, the NFL season is over and the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl. It is time to shift the sports focus to college basketball, unless you need more football via the XFL’s Seattle Dragons. If you needed to pivot off the football, Saturday’s classic basketball game between the Duke Blue Devils and the North Carolina Tar Heels gave you more than you need. Duke was behind the vast majority of the game but made a buzzer beater to take it into overtime. Then they won the game with another buzzer beater in overtime. If you are into sports at all, you have already been inundated with reports of the excitement around this game.

So it was an exciting weekend on many fronts. However, we must remember what Charles Barkley noted: “In basketball the only difference between a good shot and a bad shot is if it goes in or not.”

Love a curmudgeon and have a great week!


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