Deniers not idiots, just wrong


I do not regard climate change deniers as idiots (“Slandering an alternate view”, PT Leader 4/10/2019), just incorrect.

The scientific case is unequivocal. The effects of water vapor, solar variability, and every other warming and cooling effect have been carefully included in multiple predictive models. They all agree in their alarming conclusion that human use of fossil fuels is rapidly driving us all toward dangerous changes. As the models have improved over the past 30+ years, the projections only become more dire.

This conclusion is not political yet deniers, the majority of whom are politically conservative, rapidly make a connection between the two. Scientific knowledge is critical in developing effective responses, but is inherently policy neutral. Because dramatic and urgent action is required by global society, governments must take actions that increase the scope and pace of constructive policies. Heretofore, those solutions have been predominantly offered by

Democrats because conservative politicians generally refuse to acknowledge the veracity of the science.

Developing effective responses to climate change allows many economic and social opportunities that would please conservative voters. But to be part of crafting the best solutions, conservatives must first get past their political suspicions of liberal conspiracies and scientific hoaxes. By denying the problem, conservatives are their own worst impediment to having a voice in coming up with successful solutions. This attitude harms everyone. Time is running out to attain a sustainable future for all and I appeal to conservatives to become involved in crafting the most effective path to get there. Speaking for my scientific colleagues, we are eager to help.

Robert Bindschadler


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Tom Camfield

It's been 13 years since Al Gore's movie, "An Inconvenient Truth." Since then, the truth has been gaining ground. However, among many, it continues to be dismissed out of its inconvenience—either financial or to dogged adherence to the Republican political party. And there is an actual idiot, in the White House, to whom they can swear allegiance.

Wednesday, April 17