Clint Weimeister

March 27, 1947 - May 22n​d​, 2019


Clint Weimeister made his transition on May 22n​d​, 2019. He and his wife Caroline Wildflower traveled a cancer journey as their last journey together. He lived with pancreatic cancer for eight months after his diagnosis. They felt blessed that the chemo worked for a few months, so they could have time to spend in loving relationship, taking care of wrapping up a life and saying goodbye to family and so many friends. He was 72 years old.

Clint was born in Baltimore, Maryland on March 27, 1947. He was an only child of loving parents, George and Margaret Klein Weimeister. At age 6, he came down with polio and was hospitalized for many months. He learned to walk again and had many operations. The polio and post-polio affected him deeply. He lived with patience and verve in a body that didn't work very well. He was happy, calm and relaxed, always treating people kindly. He became a person who made a difference through depth, humor and gentle ways.

Clint grew up in Arbutus, Maryland. He went to Washington College in Chestertown, Maryland, majoring in math and active in student leadership. Clint was raised Catholic, living the main message—God is Love. In 1993, Clint became a Quaker and continued to live that message, which is also a Quaker message.

After college, Clint joined VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) and spent 2 years doing community organizing in Palm Beach County, Florida. He valued connections forged with African Americans there. He married Roan Wildmare and returned to Baltimore, where a son, Matt Weimeister, was born. He embarked on a career in criminal justice, working in a pre-trial release program. He was active in Movement for a New Society (MNS), a group working for nonviolent social change.

Clint and Roan divorced and Clint had a 12-year partnership with Ken Fremont-Smith. Clint moved to Seattle in 1985. He continued his criminal justice work as a compassionate Community Corrections (probation) Officer for the state of Washington. ​He never carried a gun. ​He continued to participate in MNS. There he met Caroline Wildflower, who was also active in MNS. Clint and Caroline married in 1988. He and Caroline continued their peace and justice work, growing out of their Quaker faith, especially related to abolishing nuclear weapons, ending racism and resisting climate change.

In 2003, Clint and Caroline moved to Port Townsend, joining the RoseWind co-housing community. They formed deep friendships while building a community where people working together create more than they could by themselves. Clint served on the Geek Committee and the Steering Committee.

Clint and Caroline enjoyed traveling together. They criss-crossed the country by car, train and plane, often exploring new routes. They camped and visited family, friends and interesting places along the way.

Clint's interests ranged widely. Clint and Caroline became ham radio operators. Clint's call sign was KG7WNM. He taught himself plumbing, watercolor painting, computer programming, electrical wiring, ukelele, videotape production and more. He read books on topics including language analysis, math concepts, nonviolent activism, “God is Dead,” and descriptions of games.

Clint was an active leader with Quakers locally and nationally. He built several websites for Quaker groups. His last volunteer job was as registrar for the North Pacific Yearly Meeting regional gathering of Quakers. He was key to developing the “Pay as you are Led” method of funding this gathering.

Clint’s faith centered in a living engagement with complex, mysterious and surprising experience. His was an ever-unfolding journey. Every new occasion, even in his last days, was an opportunity to learn, to discover, to savor, to grow and deepen. He took up responsibilities gladly. Clint and​ Caroline shepherded the process of buying and remodeling the Quaker Meetinghouse in Port Townsend in 2014. ​Clint created space where the widest possible learning, service and healing could be experienced.

Clint's love and patience touched many people. He leaves behind wife Caroline Wildflower and children Matt Weimeister, Salal Wildflower, Rachel Mortimer, foster child Alice Gray and four grandchildren.

People remember him as a dedicated caring man, for his embrace of life, love of community, creativity, and willingness to fight for social justice. His presence in this and each moment with us all is an unending witness to boundless love and great grace.

Clint Weimeister's memorial service will be held on Sunday, June 23r​ d​ 2019 1 pm at the Port Townsend Friends Meetinghouse (Quaker), 1841 Sheridan in Port Townsend.


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