Building walls and throwing stones

Tom Camfield
Posted 9/4/19

HOW QUICKLY THEY CHOOSE TO FORGET and trust in the public memory to do the same, these massively hypocritical Republicans who have lined up behind Donald Trump in his assault on Ilhan Omar. …

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Building walls and throwing stones


HOW QUICKLY THEY CHOOSE TO FORGET and trust in the public memory to do the same, these massively hypocritical Republicans who have lined up behind Donald Trump in his assault on Ilhan Omar. She’s young, she’s Muslim, she was a teen-age refugee from war-torn Somalia. She was elected to Congress from Minnesota’s 5th district, which includes all of Minneapolis and some of its suburbs. It should be no surprise that she condemns Israel’s treatment of Palestinians—and Trump’s disdain for Islam along with his open-ended support of Israel (and, I imagine, his love of Israel’s extensive West Bank wall).

In any event, the news has grown warts of late with the accusation that Rep. Omar engaged in an extra-marital affair. Oh, my; how shocking in this day and age. But if it must be discussed . . .

For those inclined to cloak themselves in professed Biblical righteousness at this revelation, I invite you to John 8:1-7 where it is related that the Pharisees brought a woman caught in adultery, facing the penalty of being stoned to death, before Jesus, seeking his contrary judgment so that they might accuse him of disobeying the law. Jesus said to them: “He who is without sin among you, let him throw the first stone at her.”

Well now! From where did the first stone come, the one thrown at Rep. Omar? Certainly from nowhere in the vicinity of Donald Trump, allegedly beloved by so many Evangelicals—yet against whom at least 20 charges of sexual misconduct have been lodged (and who rather openly displayed marital infidelity where at least one of his several wives was concerned). Here are a few links on what Donald was up to during his later married years:

The Trump Allegations (specifically graphic):

The 24 women who have charged Donald Trump of sexual misconduct:

What happened to the 20 women who accused Trump of sexual misconduct:

There also is one gaffe by Omar to which I want to return.
It was indeed clumsy but in no way dismissed terrorism in the manner that Donald dismissed domestic terrorism at Charlottesville.

At a Council on American-Islamic Relations fundraiser in Woodland Hills, Calif., in April, Omar said the organization “was founded after 9/11 because they recognized that some people did something, and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties.” (CAIR was actually founded in 1994.) Awkward articulation? Definitely. Belittling or condoning terrorism? Absolutely not. But people who have trouble handling three-syllable words would have you think otherwise.

To my ear she was saying that because a small group of Muslims who were terrorists wreaked major carnage on 9/11, American society suddenly seemed to be condemning all Muslims as terrorists (as per Donald’s sort, his ban on Muslim immigrants—such as she and her parents had been—his general empowerment of specified xenophobia). The “us” and “them” attitude coming to the fore throughout the public psyche. Her lack of knowledge of CAIR was merely incidental ignorance of the sort we all display from time to time.

I believe we’re on a cusp at the moment—between the fatal evil of Donald Trump and the salvation offered by humanitarian virtue.

This is now Ilhan’s country as well as it is mine. She will be working with my children and grandchildren. “I know who I am,” Omar said recently. “The people who I love know who I am and what I care about . . . for me, my focus is doing the work that I feel I was destined to do.” The people of Minneapolis voted strongly in favor of that, and I’m inclined to go along with them.

Through it all, Islam itself is not our enemy. The enemy is the insidious extremist factions that infest it, such as ISIS, al Qaida, the Taliban. (Among themselves, even the Shiites and Sunnis seem to battle much like the Catholics and Protestants of Ireland in time past.) Our American society has some less-dominant terrorist factions that are in no way empowered by our dominant Christian religion . . . the Klan, neo-nazis.

Today’s on-going struggle between Muslims and Christians in the Middle East is somewhat like a renewal of the Crusades initiated by Catholic Popes to regain the Holy Land from invasive Muslims nearly 1,000 years ago. The first crusading European army set forth as the initial Crusade of 1095-99. Other similar Crusades continued through the Ninth of 1271-72.

TODAY’S QUOTE—“Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it.”—Mark Twain


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Justin Hale

Once again you say Trumps Muslim ban indicates that he condemns all Muslims, no more so than it indicated that Obama condemned all Muslims for the exact same travel ban.

And once again you don't give the whole story regarding Trump's comments on Charlottesville, but what's new.

Tell me one President or Administration that has not supported Israel in the last 75 years.

It's going to be fun watching you Trump haters squirm and squiggle and parse language when it comes to the Democrat candidates for 2020. If Trump had said what Omar said you would call it a lie, Biden tells an outright fabrication and the MSM calls it a Faux-pas. Will the Trump haters hold the Democrat candidates to the same standards they have for Trump? Hel no.

Wednesday, September 4

Can we just get off diverting from scraggly Donald to bringing Obama, Biden, Warren or others into the conversation in a comparative way? I'm just trying to stay apace of the here and now. These others don't in any way justify the villainy of Donald J. Trump, whom I choose to evaluate as as empty-headed mean-spirited ugly version of Narcissus. Mountains of evidence are on my side of opinion on him, and I will continue to present that evidence here right up to the 2020 election, this opinion forum allowing.

What is the "whole story" on Trump and Charlottesville? You never seem to give any specifics, and I thought I'd covered it fairly well. He's just incapable of dealing with the fallout of his own greedy character in any way meaningful to the virtuous portion of our society.

I don't know right off how our presidents felt about Israel back in Roosevelt's and Truman's time 75 years ago—but I suspect it was a different Israel then. I was still in high school when FDR died. In any case, my focus remains on the present. The only president in my lifetime whose incompetence came close to Donald's was Herbert Hoover, who was in office when I was born. Herbie brought us the Great Depression of my childhood.

Wednesday, September 4
Fred Camfield

Hmm...Some Muslims committed a terrorist act, so Trump wants to ban all Muslims. Germans during the Hitler era committed some atrocities, so by the same logic we should ban Germans - they seem to have a history of that - the Huns were from that area. And considering the bombings by the IRA, we should ban all Irish. And, of course, if we go back through history, we can probably find good causes for banning French, Danes, and a host of others. In fact, if we consider atrocities against Native Americans, the door should have been closed long ago to most Europeans.

Thursday, September 5
Tom Camfield

And if Donald's dystopian dream were to come true, we could wind up with mandatory DNA testing to search out any traces of ethnicity related to the African continent . . . and maybe Asian or Hispanic countries.

Thursday, September 5
Justin Hale

No Tom, we can not get off comparing one with the other. That is what the coming 2020 election is all about, comparing the choices and making a decision.

If you wanted to know the whole story about Charlottesville you could find it on Google.

If I had to pick between who to support in the Israel/ Palestine conflict I will support Israel, and that is exactly what every administration since the creation of the state of Israel has done. Who would Tom support?

Friday, September 6
Justin Hale

Fred, isn't the "Trump Muslim ban" the same as the "Obama Muslim ban"? And it does not ban all Muslims, just certain countries.

Friday, September 6
Tom Camfield

'While comparing the administrations of elected officials, I look at the $660,000 in challenged campaign costs by our governor Jay Inslee, then I look at the more than $108,000,000 Donald Trump's golf outings have cost the public (more than a tenth of a billion dollars). Then I look at at the $3,600,000,000 he's dog-robbing from the defense budget to finance a large part of his flipping the bird at Hispanics with his Great Wall of Trump. (See a couple of my forthcoming blogs for more detail . . . and opinion).

Friday, September 6
Justin Hale

"Former President Barack Obama's family travels cost the U.S. a total of $114 million during his presidency, according to documents obtained by Judicial Watch, a conservative legal group. President Donald Trump has, so far, cost taxpayers $10 million."( Where do you get your information? Fake news?

So you're OK with Inslee sticking his ego-trip expenses on us? Hel, I bet you'll even vote him back in for another term, then in 2024 he can screw us again.

Friday, September 6
Tom Camfield

You've thrown quite bit of Donald-style FAKE NEWS at us there Justin, by not bothering to mention the the article you cited was written 11/27/17 AT 6:39 PM EST . . . in 2017 during Trump's first year in office.

If you'll read my more recent blog on Donald's golfing, you'll see he has blown almost as much on just golf in about 2 1/2 years as the the Obama family spent on all things during 8 years.

Friday, September 13