Behavior of anti-vaxxers shows lack of concern | Letter to the editor

Posted 9/23/21

As this pandemic continues to ravage our country, I continue to ask myself what is holding the anti-vaxxers back from protecting themselves, their loved ones, and those they encounter? 

Is it …

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Behavior of anti-vaxxers shows lack of concern | Letter to the editor


As this pandemic continues to ravage our country, I continue to ask myself what is holding the anti-vaxxers back from protecting themselves, their loved ones, and those they encounter? 

Is it mistrust of the vaccine and our government, concerns about possible long term effects of the vaccine, mistrust of media coverage, trusting spin doctors over medical experts? 

I just don’t get it! COVID isn’t a new virus and the vaccine isn’t a medicine that was just developed in the last few years. If an anti-vaxxer really wants to know the facts about COVID and the vaccine they can access the information and educate themselves through medical and scientific research. 

If they mistrust our government and the vaccine then I ask, “Why trust the mass produced food they consume, the cars they drive, the planes they fly on, the medicines they take, the medical experts they seek when sick?” Our government regulates consumer products and implements safety measures for the greater good, public safety, and public health of its citizens. 

The obstinate behavior of anti-vaxxers comes down to “Nobody’s going to tell me what to do because I have rights and a lack of concern for public safety!” 

Val Goularte


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Justin Hale

"COVID isn’t a new virus and the vaccine isn’t a medicine that was just developed in the last few years.".....HUH?

"Vaccine development is an arduous process, taking about 10-15 years on average to accomplish. "

"the fastest a vaccine has ever been developed, the mumps vaccine in 1967, took 4 years." (

The CoVid-19 vaccine was developed in less than a year! The Virus wasn't even known before late 2019, think about it.

Do you think people should be forced to take the vaccine?

Thursday, September 23
Dage Corvish

It is so tragic that macro- and micro-technology, as well as AI computer tech has stagnated all these years.

Thursday, September 23

Wow Val.

1. You could start by seeing these individuals as people, and not a label of division.

2. By referring to them all as anti-vaxxers is ignorant.

3. Some people do take precautions, vaccinated or not.

4. You don't have to get it. Stop trying to make sense of others lives and decisions. Is your house completely in order? 99% of the people around don't care about what you do. Stop trying to guilt trip to add this problem.

5. What spin doctors are you talking about? Doctors with certified degrees. I'm guessing you trust Fauci. Have you seen how many times he has flip flopped? That's a spin doctor if I have ever seen one.

6. All these letters and articles, are you gonna change anyones mind by telling them what to do. NO YOU ARENT. So you'll revert to more childish behaviors.

7. Do you trust every part of the government? That's why they fly and eat food and see doctors when they are sick. Doctors advise them what is safe and recommendations of what to take. NOT YOU. NOT THE GOVERNMENT.

8. Disregard for Public Safety??? Really have you taken a poll? Im curious how many of our Public Safety Officers (i.e. Deputies, Police, and State Patrol). Are you telling me that those of them who CHOOSE not to get a forced shot are not concerned about the public?

Get off the high horse. Ill help you down. And if your first thought is to respond, DONT! Read it again!

Wishing you all the best!

Thursday, September 23

The new virus was found to be a coronavirus, and coronaviruses cause a severe acute respiratory syndrome. This new coronavirus is similar to SARS-CoV, so it was named SARS-CoV-2 The disease caused by the virus was named COVID-19 (COronVIrusDisease-2019) to show that it was discovered in 2019.

And how long has this virus been around?

The most recent common ancestor (MRCA) of all coronaviruses is estimated to have existed as recently as 8000 BCE, although some models place the common ancestor as far back as 55 million years or more, implying long term coevolution with bat and avian species.

The CDC had dealt with this type of virus before. Quit spreading misinformation!

Thursday, September 23

Oh great. The Justin and Dustin Show.

Friday, September 24
Justin Hale

Turn the channel if you don't like it!

Saturday, September 25
Tom Camfield

I see that by today we so far have 687,746 acknowledged Covid-19 deaths in this country alone. So we what? Just write them off and keep on going? Seems a lot.

Sunday, September 26
Justin Hale

We do what we think is right, we follow the masking and distancing, avoiding large crowds etc. Get the vaccine if you think it's safe, don't get it if you have your reasons, not for me to judge. Most of all save any anger or hate you might have for those who are responsible for this pandemic and hold them accountable. If the world doesn't then this may be repeated, you get what you put up with.

Sunday, September 26
Tom Camfield

You say Justin: "Save any anger or hate you might have for those who are responsible for this pandemic and hold them accountable."

At the moment, it appears that anti-vaxxers are keeping the pandemic alive in large part. And more for political reasons than they will admit.

Wednesday, September 29
Justin Hale

Tom, always have to drag your politics into the mix, don't you.

OK, two can play that stupid game. Ever consider that some of the anti-vaxers may have taken Biden's and Harris's warnings about the safety of the vaccine seriously? There's your "political reasons".

Wednesday, September 29
Marge Samuelson

Oh Just in hale you just keep spewing your misinformation. Biden didn't trust Trump, on anything he said, and it proved to be a good judgement call. You say Tom is Political, well duh, so are you, you are just on different sides. TRUMP lost, no steal, get over it.

Wednesday, September 29


Did Justin say a word about Trump? No, you did. He mentioned "politics". You took it to Trump versus biden. Do you remember when the so called vice president harris said she would not take the vaccine because of Trump. Would you call bidens mistrust of Trumps Afghanistan withdrawal a good judgement call? Do you remember that? Do you remember 13 Soldiers died because biden did not trust Trumps plan? I do. Alot of people do. Do you remember five days later when biden referring to the sad images of the US tucking tail and leaving, that this debacle, "was five days ago," Do you remember when they killed an innocent family and told us it was a success in retaliation for those service members deaths? I do. did you know they lied? Why are you worried about people here when the are thousands plus crossing our Southern border not being tested or vaccinated. Not assuming, like Mr. Camfield assumes the non vaccinated are keeping the flu alive. A lot of assumptions in what other people do or think around here huh? And we are on different sides. That seems to be allowed. Thanks for the new form of segregation. And if you don't see it you have to blind or ignorant. The people attacking the unvaccinated are the same people that would have others not like them walk on the other side of the street, drink from separate fountains, live in different communities and be afforded different rights. Food for thought. I'm not CNN or MSNBC so y'all might not hear a word of this. Much love.

Thursday, September 30
Marge Samuelson

Why is it when someone suggests that people should get vaccinated to protect others, you and just in hale come on like we've just suggested the world should end? It's a simple solution to a very dangerous virus.

As to my politics, it's hard to separate what's happening in the U.S. now from the damage Donald Trump did in four years. He was not the solution, he was the problem. You can call me any names you want but I must say to the two of you, like the song "you can't fix stupid" seems to fit you.

Thursday, September 30

Did I call you names? I don't think so. If I did I would come out and apologize.

And nobody is suggesting that anyone get vaccinated. They are threatening, name calling, blaming, and de-humanizing (see mr. Manns column on Spreadnecks). I doubt you will read that but rather just respond with another why question and not listen to it. And also, there are no easy solutions to a deadly virus. None. People do take precautions and you don't have a clue about them. You also cant look at someone and tell if they are vaccinated or not but Im sure you find a way to label them as such. Some kind of identification marker perharps?

Did I say the world is ending? Did anyone else say that? Do you have facts to back that up as to how someone acts when the world does end? As with your assessment of my or anyone's reaction, I can see you don't value opinions not in line with yours. And you have no respect for anyone but the person in your head.

Respect - due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of others.

Since you took it there, What did Trump destroy in four years? How many wars did he start? How many programs did he not give to or support during his Presidency? How many Troops died in the last 18 months of his administration? Did he promise to start building a wall? I'm not sure but it looks like that was happening. Did he agitate tensions with North Korea? Did Trump do anything to support victims of Sexual Abuse and Trafficking? Did Trump make it a felony for Cruelty to Animals? did he not sign a bill allowing Breast feeding mothers to use locations in airports?

There are a few other things but I think you get the point. I dont know maybe he was destroying the country. Can you tell me any of the current administrations accomplishments other than to take from Americans and to start conflicts in multiple parts of the world.

Im not gonna find or song or name for you Marge. Im gonna keep calling you Marge cause I was raised to use respect and kindness. And if i have called you anything I will absolutely apologize. You wont change my thinking as I wont change yours. The problem lies in the fact that you assume all the reasons for others actions or inactions. You have no idea Marge. None.

wishing you all the best. And knowledge.

Thursday, September 30
Justin Hale

Marge, what in my comment was "misinformation"?

Biden makes" good judgment call"?........

You mean like when he told his supporters to not trust the vaccine that trump was pushing for development?

You mean like when he stopped the Keystone pipeline and development of the ANWR that Trump favored over being subject to OPEC, Venezuela, and other nations while he, Biden, gives Russia the green light on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. This time last year the average gas price was $2.27 now they are pushing $4.00.

You mean like the mess he created at our Southern border when he undid all of Trump's efforts to control illegal immigration?

Or maybe you refer to the Fiasco that Biden created in our withdrawal from Afghanistan?

I suppose you think Biden made a wise decision when he returned the US to the Paris Accords which will obligate the US to send Billions of our tax dollars to "developing countries" like China and India.

I suppose you will call these points "misinformation", whatever....just remember what Obama said about Biden "never underestimate Joe's ability to screw things up".

Thursday, September 30
Marjorie B

Dear Marge,

The vaccines are not really working.

Vaccinated people are dying right and left including here in P.T.

Don't bother with the "preexisting conditions" argument because if it doesn't help the peoplewho need it most then does it really work at all?

Thursday, September 30

Per the CDC, more than 166 million people have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

The new data suggests 1,507 people (about 0.0001%) of those fully vaccinated people died from COVID-19.

Meanwhile, 7,101 people of those fully vaccinated people (about 0.005%) were hospitalized from COVID-19.

The vaccine does work. Do the math!

Thursday, September 30
Tom Camfield

More than 166,000,000 have been fully vaccinated and 1,507 of such people apparently died anyway (0.0001%). from Covid-19. Pushing age 93, I believe I’ll take those odds. Especially if someone will give me an age breakdown. I got my Covid booster and regular flu shot yesterday at the Safeway drive-through Piece of cake and I got store coupons to boot. And momentary masks are a courtesy that just speed things up.

Friday, October 1
Justin Hale

No matter what numbers the pro-vaxers want to throw out, the basic question remains, should citizens in a supposed Free Society be forced to take a drug against their will?

3 days ago