Artemis Celt

February 28, 1955 - April 17, 2022   


Ah, Artemis’s glorious mane of curls… not really an “important” characteristic, yet one that meant that you were in the presence of beauty and, just maybe, some wildness.  Bare feet or, if she had to, sandals without socks, even in winter, let you know that here was a woman of hardiness, strength and connection to the earth. Oh, how Artemis loved the earth! Her photographs of birds, trees, mushrooms, insects, rivers, sunsets, sunlight are a testament to that. Tenderness and awe were apparent when she held a nest she found or a beautiful feather. The duality of heaven and earth blended into one whole in Artemis’s heart and soul. 

Artemis had a penetrating intellect and rich curiosity. Her enormous library consisted of books on nature, agriculture, cooking, astronomy, astrology, construction, electricity, psychology, spirituality, indigenous cultures. She actually created indexes in some of her favorite books so she could easily access gems she wanted to reread. She also loved a good sci-fi or historical novel now and then. 

Of course, there were books on medicinal plants, tinctures, vibrational medicine of all kinds. In her healing work, Artemis was a homeopath, a promoter of healing that takes into account the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual causes of illness. Artemis would suggest nutritional supplements and dietary changes, but her real passion was for healing the whole being, not just the symptoms. Many, many people were helped, healed, rooted for, and comforted by Artemis; they are so very grateful to her. 

Artemis loved her electric piano! Jazz was her favorite. She had spurts of intense practice: scales in every key, major and minor, up and down the keyboard, over and over. She loved old jazz standards, did a stint of Scott Joplin. 

The gardens Artemis planted with flowers of gorgeous shapes and colors and sizes were absolutely dazzling! Stone paths and borders, luscious berries, sacred statuary enhanced the yard. Artemis, above all, was a lover of beauty. 

Artemis was great fun with a great laugh. She was a loyal sister, cousin, and friend, speaking her truth and wanting to know yours. She was a gift-giver par excellence. She had dreams of peace and harmony on earth, tried hard not to be shattered when they seemed so far away. 

Lots of us have recently had exquisite experiences with birds and other animals which we can’t help but think were Artemis’s way of saying goodbye (and hello!) and that she is free and capable of great magic. We are grateful for that, but boy do we miss her!