Aldrich’s closing


1895 - 2020. This is the year of Aldrich’s Market’s 135th birthday. This is an amazing feat for any small business, and one to be celebrated. Aldrich’s has been a community cornerstone for generations, that burned to the ground and rose from the ashes. It has been celebrated in stories, poetry and song. It has a rich history, and most locals have their favorite Aldrich’s story. I know we have a lifetime’s worth, so it is with great love and sadness that we announce the closing of this venerable old store.

This news will elicit many emotions, thoughts and opinions, and it is our hope that we can all celebrate the life of a favorite friend and not rush to judgement, or blame for the loss of a community icon. Aldrich’s has been on the brink for years. The current circumstances are merely the tipping point. Loans are not the answer, as we have yet to service the loan we have to purchase the store. Grants are only applicable if the business remains in business after the pandemic passes.

The space Aldrich’s calls home is soon to be for sale, and a derelict tenant is a liability to the value of this home. Our landlord has always been supportive and kind; our failure should not be hers to bear. This ending has been written from many sources and circumstance. Perhaps this phoenix can rise again.

We extend our thanks and gratitude for the support from our customers, friends and neighbors. We opened our doors, and you made this your pantry, your office, your community center. We have enjoyed serving you, and treasured being a part of your lives, your families.

To our team and fellow residents of the Island, there are no words to convey the depth of feeling we have for all. For better or worse, all have contributed to fabric and story of Aldrich’s Market; some took residence in our hearts, the space for family and love. Together we have navigated life and death and so much more. Robin and I will always honor the time and commitment each of you extended to us, the store and most importantly, to each other. You are awesome.

With great love and respect,

Scott and Robin Rogers
Port Townsend


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