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Hello neighbors, Im Kevin Mason I live in Port Townsend 18 years, I built the Racoon Lodge.

Please understand it is not my nature to have to defend my work from anyone. In 50 years of building unique and special archetectural details on a commercial level ive never been put it this position. I love the fact that so many have shown their support for this whimsical local art piece in front of my house.

So much has been said about this from the city side I wanted to make a brief statement using my own words.

Who is the expert from the city who keeps saying that my art piece is a public health hazard. Who is the expert that says it is may fall on someone when they have not even taken a brief look at how it is built, and stopped me from finishing it.

I offered to show the building officials that came to look at it that it was not a hazard, and my plan to continue to prevent it from filling with rain water and how I was further going to secure it to the huge stump. I was told to not do any more building on it. FYI It didnt budge during the worst wind storm in 30 years but so many big branched broke off the big tree in my back yard that the good neighbor decided to take the tree down. . Big trees were coming down all over town however my Racoon Lodge didnt budge of lose a single twig.

I created an art piece and didnt think for a second the building dept would make my life miserable over it.

I created this because I have 50+ year career knowledge of building unique architectural details of this scale and detail. I tried to show the building officials some photo examples of my extensive building experience and they did not seem interested.

I wanted to bring a bit of whimsical joy to the SAD STUMP. With out ANY cost to the Community.

Now the city has offered me to give it to the city, but its gonna cost ya..

Wait, I alread gave it to the city and paid for the whole thing.

I Love my neighbors and friends in Port Townsend

Some in the City have lost their way and do not know their neighbors and have ignored the sign as you come into town.

"Welcome to Port Townsen a Victorian Seaport ARTS community."

From: New deadline for Raccoon Lodge to fit with Port Townsend regulations

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