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I hear the triggering words of Trump and Republicans being thrown around. What exactly is a Trump Republican? Both parties in this matter are registered democrats! Why would one say these two democratic parties are using republican strategies? It sounds like some folks can’t let it go and Trump still lives rent free in your heads. Posts like this, regardless of the two candidates have nothing to do with Republicans or Trump but here you are blaming them! All it does it keep putting our citizens into groups of us and them! Amazing how our tolerant and welcoming community responds to this! Same community that would consider the words “don’t tread on me” as racist yet has a mayor and citizens who consistently spew out the term NIMBY “not in my back yard”! Seems a bit hypocritical! But I’m sure this is still somehow Trump Republicans faults. Vote on policy not the person.

From: Mean-spirited political ad shows true colors | Letter to the editor

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