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Ethical people should disregard Gary Price’s October 19 letter in the Leader urging voters to reelect Joe Nole.

First, consider Price's character: In an earlier letter to the Leader on June 26, 2019, Price attacked racial justice activists and wrote, “Don’t worry about the noose in the window” of a Quilcene storefront because “It’s free speech and nothing else.”

What is it about Nole that attracts the support of Price–an endorser of hate crimes?

Price’s October 19 letter contained many false claims.

CLAIM: “We have safety with Sheriff Joe Nole.”

FACTS: Under Nole, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office (JCSO) has no school shooter response plan. Also, Nole has violated JCSO policy by failing to coordinate emergency planning with other first responders and other county partners.

CLAIM: “Nole is doing a great job protecting us all and our property”

FACT: Too often, when residents call 911, JCSO does not show up and help. Victims often complain JCSO fails to investigate property crimes.

CLAIM: “restraining orders” are “pieces of paper, but you’re not safer.”

FACT: Restraining orders usually prove effective–when enforced by responsive law enforcement officers.

CLAIM: “Strategic plans don’t make you safer”

FACTS: A good strategic plan would enable JCSO to enhance public safety and improve service quality. When Nole trashed JCSO’s strategic plan, he committed to rudderless mediocrity.

CLAIM: “I look at performance, results, attitudes and results.”

FACT: If Price really looked at those criteria, he would recognize how Nole’s underperformance and lackadaisical attitude have produced subpar results.

Voters who really care about performance and results should vote Art Frank for sheriff. An experienced and highly decorated law enforcement officer, Art will ensure JCSO staff are fully trained, equipped, and prepared to protect our schools. Art will develop a dynamic strategic plan to drive continuous improvement at JCSO.

Vote Art Frank for sheriff.

From: Sheriff Nole is for the people, not a piece of paper | Letter to the editor

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