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As one Democrat to another, shame on you, James. Her business leadership was poor. In addition to tons of other high pay over the years, she received 210K stock options on joining Omeros worth about $3.5M on her departure, for one of the worst US IPOs that year, and a stock price only about 50% higher after about a decade (now trading below the IPO price). And she wanted to remove commissioner pay so only wealthy people like her could afford to be on the commission?! She makes all kinds of references on her website to the Constitution, which clarifies exactly what kind of “moderate Republican” she really is. She promotes second amendment rights in an era of endless mass shootings. Ask her about abortion and gay rights. If you want to get a sense of the kind of “moderate Republicans” Marcia attracts, just peruse some of the Facebook postings from people who “liked” on the Elect Marcia Kelbon page. Don’t be fooled - we need better than Marcia.

From: Kelbon is exceptional candidate for commissioner | Letter to the editor

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