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We live 2 blocks from the Port Townsend Golf Course. I support alternative uses for its future. This is for broader public access and environmental reasons. I take my daughter to school often but we have to go around the golf course because it is not welcoming to walkers or bicyclists. That makes sense, since golf can be hazardous to bystanders, and preserving golf greens from other use is necessary to maintain them and for the golfers' enjoyment, but that is exactly why it excludes many from enjoying the space. Golf courses are artificial landscapes that typically require irrigation for non-native vegetation and have limited access and use. They are "open space" only in the sense that they are not paved, but they are not native, natural habitat and should not be confused with it. I support the PT golf course's future transition to natural open space, including restoring and expanding appropriate natural areas, such as the Kah Tai Prarie and historic wetlands, along with developing walking and bicycling paths. The Mountain View complex could be improved and developed more as a recreation destination, including picnic and play areas, while maintaining and improving current features like the dog park, pickle ball courts and playground. I look forward to hearing more about such alternative uses and advancing these two resources, the golf course and Mountain View complex, towards environmentally sound, accessible futures.

Steven Yanoff, Port Townsend

From: City invites community engagement for future of PT golf course, Mountain View Commons

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