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Actually, it was Joe Biden who encouraged me to trade my MAK-90 for a 12-guage shotgun, remember when Joe advised U.S. to step out on your porch with a shotgun and just the sound of racking a round would be enough to scare away the bad guys. I hope I never have to find out.

So some company thinks they can make some money off of the Trump image on a handgun, so what? I'm not buying one, are you?

"With 400 million (officially) guns already in circulation".....Yes, almost half of U.S. believe in the second amendment and exercise that right.

"Only about 1 percent of these are the mass shootings that make major headlines, frighten the public and effect new legislation.".....Yes! The biased media plays the one ad nauseum while it ignores the Daily carnage in many of our cities.

From: More guns | Tom Camfield

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