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Frances, thanks for the letter. In my humble opinion, free speech is extremely close to being gone! There’s a lot of arguments to be had here! I don’t know what police pulling guns has to do with anything but I digress!

All I can say is vote accordingly, and that’s not always as easy as just picking red or blue. Sometimes we gotta choose options we don’t like to get to a better place. Consider that. As far as police not intervening, it’s an order that comes from the top. You have a Mayor and community that fervently pushes certain agendas to a fairly extreme level. It wouldn’t be surprising to hear a recommendation like that come from leadership here (to stand down while people got hurt), because it’s against their narrative.

Vote on policy not the person. If that would happen more often we wouldn’t be in most of the mess we are in now. Policy! Stay safe.

From: Does freedom of speech still exist in PT? | Letter to the editor

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