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"the small percentage of the population who are trans will always deviate from the norm, but that doesn't mean they ought to be stigmatized." I agree, but neither does that entitle them to special rights to be in areas designated for women.

"Natural redheads are less than 2%, but hair color variance is itself normalized" So if a person with red hair dyes their hair purple they are no longer redheads? If a person with brown eyes identifies as a blue-eyed person???

" you are not particularly open to the idea of extending full, dignified personhood to those with transgender identity." ..... If that means any dude who says he identifies as a woman should be allowed into the shower with my teenage Daughters then hell no.

I do not consider trans people "crazy". Abnormal, Deviant? yes!

From: Situation could have ended with an apology | Letter to the editor

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