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I wonder if this was a typo, David:

"A person’s sexual identity is as much of a choice as someone’s religion or political affiliation. "

Absolutely not true; a person's gender identity has numerous physiological, hormonal, and genetic components. One out of a hundred babies has ambivalent genitalia at birth, so it is easy for the docs and families to "guess" wrong when choosing the gender for the birth certificate. In the past, "corrective" surgeries were automatically done at birth if the genitalia was ambivalent. The genes that control the reproductive hormones don't always match the external body of the person.

Gender and sexuality are incredibly complex aspects of a person's identity and physiology. The internal experience and the outward manifestations are not anyone else's business unless the person chooses to share their own truths.

From: Situation could have ended with an apology | Letter to the editor

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