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Andrea (if this is indeed Andrea Hegland) - your prior letter was certainly misleading then when you said “ I watched with horror the assault on the LetJulieSwim supporters at Pope Marine Park on Monday afternoon, evidently by supporters of transgender people.” In your letter you never reference that you were not personally in attendance at the carefully staged and filmed livestream event. I also don’t take video from events like these as “facts,” since many purveyors of hate and division are known to create situations with their own actors to further false narratives. I wonder if many who often fill in comments here like Justin Hale even live in the community, or if they are Proud Boys from other areas purporting to be what they are not. People find it upsetting when a trans person just doing their job becomes maligned through events like these. I don’t condone violence of any sort, but people are free to be loud to express their discontent.

From: Situation could have ended with an apology | Letter to the editor

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