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"President Donald Trump and his supporters on social media are citing unverified 'Russian intelligence' from 2016 as evidence that Hillary Clinton 'was behind the entire Russian collusion hoax."

These are from credited news sources;

"US officials investigating the origin of the inquiry into Russian meddling in the 2016 election have now charged a prominent lawyer with lying to the FBI.

Michael Sussmann is accused of concealing that he was working for Hillary Clinton's campaign when he submitted a tip about Donald Trump." (

This from (

DAVID FOLKENFLIK, BYLINE: Right. So the dossier included a lot of accusations about Trump, a lot of salacious accusations about Trump's *** life. It was put together by a former British intelligence official for a consulting firm hired by Democrats. And it claimed that Russia had cultivated Trump as a target for years and that the Russians were likely blackmailing him. The dossier alleged the Trump campaign was also conspiring with Russia in the 2016 election to damage Hillary Clinton. This dossier was misused by FBI agents to surveil a U.S. citizen. And a lot of the specific accusations in the dossier were even denied at the time. They looked shaky as time moved forward and have since been discredited, yet they echoed for several years.

"Federal investigations since then have do***ented multiple links between Trump associates and individuals tied to the Russian government." ..... So what? Shall we talk about Biden's connections to Chinese government officials?

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