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For some reason the full letter did not paste.... continued

Your grandparents really do love you. Whatever your outward ***. They love you from the inside out. They don’t want you to change a thing about yourself. You will always grow and evolve as is meant to be. They love you through every step and misstep. Shoving around grandma and grandpa is the lowest. No Hate indeed.

That’s another thing Faber brought home for all. Shoving around grandma verbally and physically and politically.

The police with the FBI trained chief have their orders. One officer who walked away was featured in a Leader story about his African heritage where police never came. I commented back then that this was also the case here with parking, or at the fairgrounds where some died. Welcome to PT I said, knowing his future. If he hung around long enough.

Yesterday I photographed all the inventory I have invested my life savings into to do***ent what may be torn apart by frenzied people chanting meaningless chants that Appointed Mayor Faber and all of Council gave life to. Like Seattle and Portland. How is that? By failing a grandmother and village elder who simply wanted and expected her own and other women’s privacy from men of any sort while showering at the Y.

They flipped the script.

Radical hater is the tag. Chants keep some from thinking things through. Perhaps an effect of the educational system. Perhaps not.

This is relevant. That male, they, them, person in the women’s shower and all others also should be respected. As with mess tents and parking, none above others. But we are now Orwell equal. Re designing spaces is the cure. The wedge is a weapon. The weapon is deployed by Faber and Council with City Manager and City Attorney assisting.

All recorded for history. Will anyone be left who can care?

I have do***ented for the record over 8 years of financial losses to this community, or what once was a community, into the millions of dollars from lost parking and business access to the sound of crickets from Council. I am sick of it. You are sick of hearing of it. It is the ember to today’s flame. You turned your cheek. The slaps came harder and harder. As per Orwell.

Some profited from the chaos and damage unleashed. Still is unleashed and not dealt with as “recovery” is the buzz word. Doublethink. Watch Mauro, Council, and Faber do it regularly.

Then came mess tents and special interests being served. Discriminating, yes discriminating against other businesses in what was a community. Again, costing millions in losses according to The City of Port Townsend’s own ignored studies. The Council does nothing but reward bad choices and double down. Illegal choices.

Your Appointed Mayor, who is now a world recognized juvenile joke (when you asked the Genie to be famous David you needed to be very specific) and your unqualified compromised City Manager conspired to keep public notice of a city ordinance change regarding mess tents at a minimum. You all know the details. It was just a couple of months ago. Council didn’t seem concerned based on voting for “temporary” tents and not reprimanding the deceit.

Add the ongoing parking lie. There are no limits, fool. Discrimination. How about this—“Whereas the City of Port Townsend and David Faber don’t care jack **** about you dumb assed tourists and whereas bla bla bla bla therefore be it resolved that you are a chump so observe our phony signage. Welcome to PT. Here is a preferred restaurant list”.

My taking apart my business today which is a cultural link 46 years in the making starting with less than nothing is in anticipation of looting and damage by the forces that likely will be unleashed by your Appointed Mayor Faber, compromised and unqualified City Manager Mauro, and City Attorney Heidi Greenwood. She is a woman betraying women along with 4 female Council Members. The male fellow Council join them. No clean hands here. None.

Gee I wish does not count.

It’s a much bigger cause and effect than simple slogans can drown out.

Faber’s hollow statement of inclusion for one specific group ignores others. You discriminate Faber and Council, easily shown and recorded for the future. What of the trans people that need to park? Oh.

Will you David Faber now issue a proclamation condemning the attempted silencing of free speech and violence that occurred against biological women as the Appointed Mayor, City Council, City Manager, and City Attorney staged a one-sided show in the hallowed halls of the City Council Chambers? A one sided show.

The police with the FBI trained chief have their orders. All seen in real time and now preserved forever. One officer who walked away as things got violent had a Leader story about his African nation heritage where police never came. I commented there and then that this was also the case here with parking, or at the fairgrounds. Now he is doing the same, just following orders.

Council must recall the juvenile you appointed Mayor, or at least try. Get ready to behold Port Townsend becoming what Seattle and Portland have become. Its already here. Just a little harder to see for some. It will be obvious soon, after the spell cast by Faber and the Y, which he and Council seem to have no idea of the scope of.

Leadership into the abyss.

Port Townsend has not been pretty for some time. It has just looked that way. For some.

Remove Faber. Now. Step away from what Sandoval, Stinson and other appointed mayors began, and he continued and now escalates.

Faber is now the best of the worst. He is a damaging child. With power and a twitter account. Making the City look bad. Very bad.

Trans rights and understanding? Yes! Biological female rights and understanding? Yes! Both! Just pawns in a nasty game at this late hour.

Today, I moved some things to safety. As a difficult and sound business decision I begin to have no connection to Port Townsend and protect items that will never be replaced. Not the real PT, the shallow hollow Faber one. Faber being the mascot. So many moving parts.

Who on Council will stand to recall Faber and issue a proclamation that free speech is not silenced in Port Townsend?

What do those that seek to silence fear?

Say it again. Who on Council will stand to recall Faber and issue a proclamation that free speech is not silenced in Port Townsend?

No discrimination my ass. Threats of many kinds? You bet!

Faber plays with matches. Council gives him gasoline. All are responsible. But somehow, not. Yet.

The Free Press might consider mobilizing some of the concerned folk to hand out some of these stories on the street. If Mauro was shaking at the proclamation meeting about damaged image, imagine if most visitors knew of Dirty PT.

Or not.

From: Anti-trans press conference swarmed by protesters

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