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For the record and for all who might read and are still unaware of what is happening now that started years ago with appointed Mayors. I do not take speaking publicly lightly. I continue to move irreplicable things out of Port Townsend

Corrupted Council- For the record once again.

Instead of bringing in new pieces I made or bringing in artwork I purchase and feature by other Northwest artisans, today as sound business practice I have removed my most valuable and irreplaceable artwork from my 26 year business within the decaying wreckage of Port Townsend, tinder dry by design.

A large abstract Eagle carved by Peg Lawrence who is 101 years old and still drinking some Jack Daniels every day in assisted living is now in hiding. A mask by a First Nations woman artisan called Mother and Daughter is in a safe house. Daughter sits atop mother’s head with an umbilical cord attaching them. Many other pieces made by artisans we have shared with neighbors and visitors remain in jeopardy, needing to be sold to pay rent until I can liquidate everything and be gone from Faberville. I have had to select out my favorite children to save from what has been set in motion.

We all know David Faber has failed to unite and find common ground. He has no clue what he should do as a “Leader”. He has in fact chosen a side and divided. Purposefully. With a discriminating proclamation.

None ever for people of Color. None ever for the Native population that was here. None for any group. Except now. A proclamation on how you need to think and what you need to believe. Duh David, most of not all I know treat all with respect. Me thinks thou doth state the obvious to cover tracks and obscure your own ongoing discrimination, now against a grandmother.

It’s Faber’s Government mind control. Orwell would be proud of all the time-tested techniques this “leader” employees.

Leader is an empty term and name as the local paper is now showing once again. What began with Cherry Street, parking chaos, the FWPDA, then magic mess tent madness, and now Faber and PTB’s version of Women are the N***** of the World, Faber, Council, City Manager and City Attorney light a match. In absolute unison with the Y and everyone on the extended “team” from Main Street to Chamber. Those women will not think or complain. Soul sucking job security.

Do look up John Lennon and Women are the …… of the world. Meant to be shocking then, relevant now. Think it through trans folk. When you are just another “woman” how will you be treated? Check out history. Hell, look at right now.

The next event put on by those women not willing to give away their biological uniqueness earned over thousands of years will be the gasoline. Faber stands with the lit match, with help. The test has been completed.

It is a formula. Like so much else over the last many years. Does Faber understand it? Hard to tell. Same result either way.

I have been directly threatened on record and called “the enemy”. That was deleted from the Free Press. I don’t dispute the call to remove threats. Perhaps someday a separate link to that would be educational. Attributes and ideas I don’t have were used to justify the threat. Over many years, not the first.

It has to be black and white. No discussion. The enemy. No hate indeed.

It does make one stop and think. Then hum “The Boxer”. It is genetic for some to still remain. White cells.

No Grandmothers or females were involved in the threat.

From: Anti-trans press conference swarmed by protesters

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