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My God Marge. It is you who don't know what you are talking about. There is so much more going on here. The Leader headline is very misleading and intentionally polarizing. This was not an "anti-trans" event.

Free speech was stopped. Police did little or nothing as elder female neighbors were attacked who have concerns that they only want to be discussed openly. Distortion of that is the way to stop discussion.

And violence.

Discussion, and a paper not part of the control here is no longer the world of PT. Far more than "conservative" news providers are taking note. Appointed Mayor Faber is an international joke due to his twitter account that says he has to be as mayor a pervert and deviant.

Among other things. Screen shots here

You can start with the link below if you don't want to be misled on a much more involved subject. Or keep it simple and believe the Leader that has a history of removing comments and entire articles. At least take a look at the photos. Very different than the Leaders.

Make up your own mind after taking some time to investigate this for yourself.

Unless you are programmed not to think for yourself and believe only the Leader, here are many other Free Press articles that give much better detail on what occurred on day one with Julie, and what concerns are. Comments especially are much more thought out with few exceptions.

But anyone not drinking this kool aid is a transphobe. I am not. I have a wide variety of people I know and have for years. They all can think.

The political wagons have circled. Facts threaten. I am pro trans and pro biological woman. This will always be distorted to create victims. Research and think. Or not.

From: Anti-trans press conference swarmed by protesters

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