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Marge, the US was a major exporter of oil three years ago, now we go begging for Saudi oil, what changed? You haters got your way and got rid of Trump and put in the guy who promised to close down the industry. So now instead of spending our oil dollars here in the US where women have rights, we send our dollars to the country that "treats women as permanent legal minors". If Trump were in office maybe we wouldn't be supporting Saudi Arabia. Is your hatred of Trump stronger than your hatred of Saudi Arabia?


What was Patty Murray's political experience when she was first elected? She had a degree in Phys Ed from WSU. Did Patty Murray ever cast a vote that wasn't in line with the Democrat majority? I doubt it. Is that what qualifies as an "outstanding record"?

I voted for some new blood and new ideas, for M. Smiley. I'm betting you voted for the Democrat who's been in office for 30 years.

From: Accountability | Tom Camfield

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