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My mom often talked about going to movies at the Rose Theatre in her teen years and as a kid, I pictured that in my mind, astounded that back in those days there were three movie theatres in PT. I was so excited about the renovation project when it started up and it was such a grand feeling to finally step inside the new Rose, a place that held many memories from another generation. Rocky was often our server at our favorite restaurant, La Fonda, the Mexican restaurant where he worked before the Rose. We always enjoyed chatting with him and often wished him much success, from afar, in his new project. He created a such treasure in our town - a beautiful theatre with a true hometown feel.

Wishing you all the best in your new adventure in life, Rocky! Refiring is the word I chose, instead of retiring. You certainly will enjoy a creative-centered life, doing it all your way. You definitely have earned it! We thank you for all you have given to us in this community!

From: Beloved movie-theatre owner decides to sell business

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