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Abort ions at or after 21 weeks are uncommon, and represent 1% of all abor tions in the US. Typically, these procedures cost well over $1,000, excluding the cost of travel and lost wages. They normally require treatment over multiple days, and are only performed by a subset of all abor tion providers.

What is a so-called “late-term” abor tion?

“Late term” ******** typically refers to abor tions obtained at or after 21 weeks, however it is not an accepted medical term, nor is there a consensus around to which gestational ages it refers. Members of the medical community have criticized the term “late-term” abor tion, as it implies ********s are taking place after a pregnancy has reached “term” (37 weeks) or “late term” (>41 weeks) which is false. In fact, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) has written that “late-term abor tion” has no medical meaning and should not be used in clinical or legal settings. As such, we will refer to abor tions occurring at ≥21 weeks gestation as abor tions later in pregnancy, but it should be noted that 21 weeks is a largely arbitrary cutoff based on how the CDC collects data on ********s. Abor tions at this stage in pregnancy are sometimes referred to as “later abor tions” by the medical community as well.********s-later-in-pregnancy/

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