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Once again, lacking anything good to report about the job the current administration is doing the Partisan Democrat resorts to deflection.

"The GOP has been working hard for quite some time to ban mask mandates". Can you show us where the GOP in toto worked hard to ban the mask mandates? Were/are there some Republicans who opposed the mask mandates?, certainly just as there were/are Democrats who opposed the mandates, but once again speaking the truth doesn't fit your agenda does it. Maybe this is what Biden meant when he said "we choose truth over facts"?

"Donald Trump has lied to the American public" So that's your message to first-time voters? When you go to vote for the next POTUS ignore the lies that the current POTUS is telling that actually affect your lives, instead remember the lies that were told years ago.

"The Republican party supports forcing women to give birth against their will", once again show us where the GOP in toto supports that. They don't.

We all lived with Roe v. Wade since 1973, then the amended version of Planned Parenthood v. Cassey since 1992 and aside from the rabid pro-lifers there was no agenda to overturn Roe v.Wade.

It wasn't the Republicans who knocked down this hornet's nest it was the Jackson Women's Health Organization in Mississippi, a business that offered legal ********s(@$800) up to 16 weeks until the state legislature passed a law limiting legal ********s to 15 weeks. That is when JWHO sued, lost twice at the state level, and then appealed to the SCOTUS. That's what brought all of this on, not the Republicans.

But then this isn't really about ******** is it?

Like me you are a Father, you mean to tell me that at some point when your wife was PG, you didn't realize that there was a life there inside your wife? When I put my hand on my wife's belly and felt that rolling and kicking I knew there was a living being in there, no way in hel could I have allowed it to be aborted. Would you?

From: Land of the Free | Tom Camfield

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