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When all else fails, stall . . . at least until after the mid-term elections are over. A May 3 Yahoo News story began: "A New York court on Tuesday denied former President Donald Trump's request to put a halt to the $10,000 in daily fines and a contempt order levied by a judge on April 25. Trump was held in contempt after failing to comply with a December 1, 2021, subpoena from New York State Attorney General Letitia James in the office's wide-ranging civil fraud probe into the former president and his company . . . Trump has maintained he has none of the do***ents—including records related to his personal finances . . ."

So a man who is obsessed with money allegedly keeps no record of it. I'll decline the usual offer to get side-tracked on some single point created for that purpose—and spend the current week on ******** and women's rights.

From: Time running out | Tom Camfield

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