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"world governments aimed at personal enrichment (such as the one headed by Donald Trump)"..... As a businessman Trump made himself a Billionaire, he returned his salary as POTUS to the government for 4 years. Trump actually lost money being in government.

"Over the course of his (Biden's) tenure, his salary increased from $42,500 per year to $174,000 per year, according to the Senate's historical records. When he was elected Vice President, he got another raise, earning roughly $230,000 a year." ( Biden has made his money from being in the government for most of his life. Once again the partisan Democrat Tom points a finger at Trump when in reality it's Biden who personally enriched himself from the government.

"The multinational partnerships that Trump repeatedly undermined,"..... Another distortion, Trump told the members of NATO to pay their fair share, and they did. "The U.S. president said he would like to see NATO members pay more than 2 percent of their gross domestic product for defense. Trump told NATO leaders last year to increase defense spending to 4 percent of GDP. He said the United States pays 4.3 percent of its GDP to NATO". NATO is mainly a defense structure for European nations why should the US carry more of the burden? Seems to me that's common sense, but to Tom it's "undermining" the organization.

"I truly feel that by the beginning of the next century these 2020s will be, at best, “the good old days.”..... Ask most people if things are better in 2022 than they were in 2017, the "good old day's" is not what most would say we are in today.

From: Time running out | Tom Camfield

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