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JIH have you moved to a new country? Try being a minority in this country and get a first rate education from head start to a four year college. Those foreign students are from wealthy families, you won't find the majority of Chinese, Indians, or South Koreans attending college here. Spending money on a good education in a field you are interested in, be it a teacher, computer tech, plumber, electrician, nurse, and on and on, we need to encourage our young people to go on to school, and pay them for sticking to the career they want. In the long run it is an amazing investment in the future. Remember the G.I. Bill? Opportunities for education if you go in the military? We can really do better than we are doing.

Can the US afford free college?

To rebuild America's economy in a way that offers everyone an equal chance to get ahead, federal support for free college tuition should be a priority in any economic recovery plan in 2021. Research shows that the private and public economic benefit of free community college tuition would outweigh the cost.Nov 2, 2020

There are ways free or reduced costs at colleges and trade schools could work.

From: We're changing | Tom Camfield

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