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"The U.S. looks and feels a lot more like a truly democratic nation with Biden having replaced Trump as President.".....Really?

It's been said that freedom of speech and a free press, preferably an unbiased free, and honest press/media, is essential for a free people. For four years the press, you included, promulgated lies, distortions, and half-truths, and their biased opinion about Trump, and as we see you are continuing. Add to that two unsuccessful attempts to impeach Trump, and almost two years of Mueller's investigation which cost US around 32 million dollars all designed to get Trump out of office, and they succeeded, not in the courts but in the election. When the media promulgates lies that's propaganda not journalism. You might find this useful.


" I don’t think he (Trump) is qualified to define womanhood". Here's a simple litmus test for you Tom.

Lia Thomas, man or woman?

Caitlyn Jenner, man or woman?

From: Racism’s role | Tom Camfield

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