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I didn't spend too much time searching this topic, but this bit from the Daily Mail ought to do:

EXCLUSIVE: Saudi crown prince bragged that Jared Kushner gave him CIA intelligence about other Saudis saying 'here are your enemies' days before 'corruption crackdown' which led to torture and death

—Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman met with Jared Kushner in October

—Salman has since bragged about using classified intelligence from Kushner as part of a crackdown on 'corrupt' princes and businessmen in Saudi Arabia

—He said the intelligence from Kushner included information on those who were disloyal to Salman and who were his 'enemies', insiders tell DailyMail

—Kushner's attorney's spokesman said it was 'false' that the president's son-in-law passed on secrets and that he was 'well aware of the rules'

—The crown prince launched his crackdown on corruption in November, days after he met Kushner for talks in Riyadh

—Hundreds were rounded up, including princes from rival parts of the Saudi royal family and some of the country's wealthiest businessmen

—But the crackdown saw accusations of torture and at least one reported death

From: History's blights | Tom Camfield

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