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So you got to see Trumps taxes and know how much money he lost. I don't think so.

If I am going to a doctor I don't want one that has never practiced medicine, does not have a degree in medicine.

Trump was unqualified in 2016 and is still unqualified even after four years of a miserable [worst president ever] term.

Obama gave $1.1 million of the $3.2 million he received over eight years in office to charitable causes. He also donated the $1.4 million he received as winner of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize to 10 different organizations.

Hillary Clinton had 2,864,974 votes more than Trump, the largest popular vote margin of any losing presidential candidate in U.S. history

And when the votes were added up, did she start an insurrection? Call it a steal? No she conceded gracefully.

That's what a U.S. President does.

From: History's blights | Tom Camfield

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