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A little anatomy lesson, fetuses are carried in a woman's uterus, not in "her belly" When my three children were born I just loved them, still do.

"White nationalism is a type of racial nationalism or pan-nationalism which espouses the belief that white people are a race and seeks to develop and maintain a white racial and national identity. Many of its proponents identify with and are attached to the concept of a white nation, or a "white ethnostate". wiki

I believe equating white nationalists to Democrats is stupid.

You racists really hate it when the truth is pointed out to you. "And please don't run down that Charlottesville riot rabbit hole again"

U.S. President Donald Trump's remarks on Charlottesville generated negative responses. In his initial statement following the rally, Trump "condemned hatred, bigotry, and violence on many sides". While Trump condemned both neo-Nazis and white nationalists, his first statement and subsequent defenses of it, in which he also referred to "very fine people on both sides", were seen by critics as implying moral equivalence between the white supremacist marchers and those who protested against them. Critics interpreted his remarks as sympathetic to white supremacists, while supporters characterized this interpretation as a hoax, because Trump's "fine people" statement explicitly denounced white nationalists.

Can you define a woman? The real aim of Blackburn’s question was almost certainly to try to corner Jackson on the issue of transgender women participating in women’s sports. In a follow-up email to HuffPost, a spokesperson for Blackburn said her definition of a woman is “Two X chromosomes.” same as yours JIH.

You are such a bigot. "The color of her skin" why mention that, if it was a white man would you say, he was chosen because of the color of his skin?

So I am a bigot because a Trump supporter shows up in town to thumb their nose at people and basically say, I can afford this because I am rich like Donald Trump and you Biden supporters can go to he**.

From: History's blights | Tom Camfield

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