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A few of my schoolmates were gay and a couple of them were among my good friends in the class of '47. I think we realized it along about junior high age, but didn't really care a lot one way or another. Never even thought or knew much knew about the girls. Must have been tough on some of them when they reached puberty, as alternative life styles were somewhat hushed up in those days. In any case, the guys disappeared along about high school. One family remained here, but the father was about as mean as they come. The kid involved here must be the one who wrote me after he retired as a school official in the San 'Francisco area. A kid next door also was gay and a good friend of the family before his death.

Education should deal with life's realities at an early age and it makes no sense to stigmatize minorities. There's more to our constitution than the right to bear arms.

From: Focus: Russia | Tom Camfield

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