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" You pull out a bunch of stuff about Biden that's never been proved".....

Did Hunter Biden get millions from a Ukraine energy company that was founded by a corrupt Ukrainian oligarch? Yes or No?

Did Joe Biden threaten to withhold a Billion dollar loan to Ukraine if they didn't fire the prosecutor who was investigating that company that his Son was getting money from? Yes or No?

Did the New York Times just reverse their original Oct.2020 "reporting" on the Hunter Biden computer/email story? Yes or No?

Was Trump acquitted of the articles of impeachment twice? Yes or No?

Is the Average American's standard of living worse today than it was during the Trump years? Yes or No?

The answer for all those questions by any objective, rational person is Yes. So you tell me where is the "fake news" in what I wrote?

And where did I ever refer to Trump as a "great President"? I didn't. Do I believe that he did a better job at running the country than Joe Biden?, yes I do, and according to the polls, at this point of his term in office he had a better approval rating than Biden has.

"People who know what happened aren't going to let the voting public forget.".....Like I said, instead of talking about the job that the Biden administration is doing you will default to hating on Trump and Republicans in general. I will just ask the voters to ask themselves the simple question, "are you better off today than you were four years ago?".

From: Assorted Notes | Tom Camfield

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