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And yet those that are pro-injecting these drugs don't know a single person who has died FROM the Rona,,, not WITH the Rona...I said FROM it. I know dozens of friends who have got the jab and even the boosters and they STILL got sick. The people who think they are smart say "well they would have gotten WAYY more sick or died if they didn't shoot up the drug" They say that YET they still don't know anyone personally who has did FROM The Rona. And I mean REAL people you actually know in real life, not some Facebook buddy or someone you never met. At a family members work the entire office staff got the Rona despite ALL of them having got the shot. Guess who DID not get it? 3 of the office staff who had it before but DID NOT get the jab did not get the Rona again.

From: Complaint over ‘proof of vax’ mandate accuses officials of treason

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