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"Candidates were then asked to discuss boosting Port Townsend’s economy."

“It goes back to lessening our reliance on these large concrete slabs for transportation, returning to more of a green system, so more green space, less parking,” Jones said.

Sounds great!!!!!!!!!!!!! Less access for business. Genius. Everyone can walk or bike. Simple. Should cut down customer base by at least 90%

“I’m actually a really big proponent of the worker-owned co-op,” Vega answered.

Great dream. Takes time. In the mean time the City Council has encouraged less business access due to no parking plan, enforcement, or education. A me first culture was born.

The false narrative is that its good for business, but visitors don't know about free all day parking, contrary to posted 2 hour signage in most of the Historic District. Employees and residents do. And dozens take advantage. Today, 7 years of yesterdays, and it looks like tomorrow ad infinitum. Some claim parking plans and enforcement are a "jackboot police state". Well off folk in political office ignoring laws and running the town and Fort Worden like a private club is Fascism.

Hotel and condo plans go forward with no consideration for parking. A crisis is managed into existence. It takes years to do so. Parking is eliminated, such as allowing the Maritime Center's new building that takes its lot to draw more visitors with a new structure. The Port Commissioners say not many used the pay lot. The do not connect the dots. That was due to free all day illegal but not illegal parking sponsored by the City Council and Real Estate focused 3 time appointed mayor.

If you open an ice cream store and the city gives free ice cream to all across the street, you won't be around for long.

Here comes the Marine Science center at the other end of town. More parking needed as it is eliminated, such as the Parklet at Water and Adams that used to be parking. The tool was Main Street. The City Manager and other special interests fingerprints are all over that. Seems the average Leader Reader isn't paying much attention.

Elect who you will. The next Appointed Mayor will be an attorney, Faber, who voted for the 1.2 million dollar visitor center park, does not stand up to enforce parking Municipal Codes meant to keep special interests from grabbing more than they should, and has done nothing regarding deteriorating roads. Not to mention the 17 million debt the city spends 1.7 million a year to pay for.

Faber in the past has said institutional continuity is important. Unless the continuity is in a downward spiral some do well in.

I had the chance to speak with a customer who turned out to have been a City Manager in 5 different Cities. He complained about full parking. We spoke of corruption. In one City he was fired for not approving of a new public building that was not needed. He was hired to save money. 20 years later the FBI contacted him regarding a Council member who was set to do serious prison time for selling influence. Some things really do take time. Of course this is Port Townsend. Nothing like that could happen here. No matter how it looks. Glad the new Police Chief has FBI training. When does parking planning, education, and last enforcement start for real. Without access and fairness no city flourishes for ALL.

Now, go vote for someone who understands cause and effect, the true big picture, and can connect dots. Faber will be ready to help. As he has been. What about the questionable experience of City Manager Mauro. Council ignored it. All smiles.

The last thing the City Manager with 5 cities in his experience said to me was. "Especially in small towns, people get the government they deserve." I expect we deserve the slow strangulation we have been experiencing, voters. Don't expect any revelations from the Leader.

From: Port Townsend council contenders discuss housing, deer, infrastructure at candidate forum

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