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Papers please you little fleas, get your shots or eat in the barn with the ox. And the hormone injected chickens, to keep you all sickened, like the green eggs and ham, that only ate man. Needles are our thing, many sizes no sting. You can get them for free, same place you test for STD. Plenty to go around, which is why you see them on the ground. If you get infected with staph, hospital staff will laugh. They'll wait for you to die, lie and ask you why. Why did you share needles, you did it yourself? If I had a dollar for every free needle I'd have much wealth. No need to share but you do not care. To hell with your needles and last two remaining Beatles. Send your private security, blackwater doesn't bother me. My country too, free elephants from the zoo! See through the glass, stop trying to nazi me ass, breaking through breaking out, I don't even want to eat out. - only you can't prevent wildfires -skateistan

From: Bar patrons, restaurant diners will need to show proof of COVID-19 vaccinations starting Saturday

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