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This process is what should be done to resolve the many festering issues with the Fort Worden PDA debacle.

Instead, we get hush-hush committees, hurry-up decision making, and high-priced metaphorical firebugs being recycled to pantomime that they are responsibly putting out the very same bonfires that they started and tended.

The multi-million-dollar PDA crime scene/mess warrants a snout-to-tail autopsy of the serious mistakes made and the time/money forever lost.

Was there a cover-up, and/or dereliction of duty? Is the State complicit? Find out and act accordingly.

Then, onward with an exploration of needs, guided by community-based feedback from many public charrettes, hearings, etc.

Only then, move on to rethinking how the people of the State of Washington can best be served going forward.

From: Jefferson Healthcare looks for input on strategic plan

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