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A Jefferson County woman in her mid-60s tragically died in Seattle "after a prolonged hospitalization for respiratory failure due to COVID pneumonia" contracted out-of-state the week following her second experimental gene therapy ("vaccine") shot. The woman also suffered from "serious underlying health conditions including a lymphatic malignancy that required ongoing chemotherapy and immunosuppressing medications", according to Jefferson County Public Health Officer Dr. Tom Locke.,75309

Despite the proximity to her vaccine shot, her multiple serious comorbidities, and all events surrounding her demise having occurred out-of-county, this sad passing is being headlined as "the fourth to die from COVID-19 in Jefferson County". Like the previous three such deaths, there is serious room for doubt given special CDC instructions “that COVID-19 be recorded as the primary cause of death even if the decedent had other chronic comorbidities".

Contrary to recent undercounting claims by debunked forecasters, Jefferson County's own experience with doubtful COVID deaths is a microcosm of national overcounting concerns. The CDC data shows 95% of deaths "with" COVID had an average of 3 extra comorbidities and contributing causes (nearly half having flu or pneumonia), despite only COVID being blamed.

That's even assuming most of these deaths ever had COVID in the first place, which is uncertain given 90% false positives seen with PCR testing using typical 40+ Cycle Thresholds. (Note Jefferson County uses an absurdly-high 45 Ct.)

The new wrinkle in this fourth-claimed county death is its close association with a second vaccination less than a week before her infection. The CDC received 10,262 reports of such vaccine breakthroughs through April, which it considers "a substantial undercount".

Beyond breakthroughs, a May 20 Harvard study found SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins circulating throughout body plasma for 2 weeks immediately following mRNA vaccination. Virginia researchers "found that exposure to the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein alone was enough to induce COVID-19-like symptoms including severe inflammation of the lungs", eerily similar to the COVID pneumonia blamed for this fourth county death.

Such a process might explain some of the many reports of high-risk elderly dying after vaccination, such as 14 nursing home patients "dropping like flies", and 32 dying in an a New York nursing home, and 23 frail elderly patients dying in Norway shortly after receiving vaccine.

Dr. Locke acknowledges that "most vaccinations, including the new COVID vaccines, are ineffective in those who are profoundly immunosuppressed." Moreover, since the immunocompromised and frail elderly were not "enrolled into vaccine trials in sufficient numbers to determine whether case numbers are reduced in this group, there can be little basis for assuming any benefit".,75309

Given the 4,863 VAERS-reported deaths associated with COVID vaccines through May 24, and given they are "ineffective" and have no demonstrated benefit for profoundly immunosuppressed patients such as the decedent, it's strange that Dr. Locke says "she was appropriately vaccinated".,75309

Also not included in the vaccine trials were children and adolescents, yet they are likewise being pushed toward risky vaccinations from which they can expect negligible benefit. Lancet shows the Number Needed to Vaccinate to prevent one COVID case is between 76 and 117 for the various vaccines,

while the CDC estimates Infection Fatality Ratio of 0.002% under age 18. That means it takes 5 million vaccine doses to save a single young life, while risking many more young deaths in the process - a recklessly dangerous gamble.

Health officials promoting these vaccines in schools need to take care lest the next COVID-related death in Jefferson County might be a child dying days after receiving the vaccine.

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