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You can read the Concerned Residents of Port Hadlock's analysis and response to the well-written points in this article by Brian Kelly at:

This article features a special commissioners meeting on April 15 about the proposed Hadlock Sewer. Before that meeting the Concerned Residents of Port Hadlock (CRPH) submitted a petition to the Jefferson County commissioners demanding “straight answers” from the county about the sewer project. Over 100 Hadlock residents signed the petition and wrote extensive statements to go along with their signatures. Almost all the comments were in opposition to the sewer. You can read the comments at:

The Concerned Residents of Port Hadlock are not just afraid that they will be asked to pay for the Core Area sewer installation. They don’t want their aquifer depleted, they don’t want an open cesspool near their properties, they don’t want sewage spilled into Chimacum Creek and they don’t want to have their septic systems declared “failing” as an excuse to later force them to hook up to the sewer system. The increased property taxes, monthly fees, costs of decommissioning their septic systems and hook up costs will drive many residents out of their homes. Jefferson County has almost 50% of its residents already paying beyond 30% of their monthly cash flow to mortgages or rents, leaving little for other basic needs such as food and healthcare. Residents can ill afford more financial pressure from the high costs of building a sewer.

From: Jefferson County officials: Sewer hookups not planned for unwilling property owners in Port Hadlock area

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