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Port Townsend Police Chief Troy Surber said Davis’ departure would “leave a large hole in the department, specifically in city events, parking enforcement................,????????????????????????????????????

My god who are "we" fooling?? Yourself Troy? You had a good reputation here once Troy, although with all the parking problems, we have never met. You or Wendy or Sandoval or Mauro could not look me or anyone in the eye and justify anarchy.

You do what your bosses tell you, against Municipal Code or not. You have a family to feed. It is simply sad to see how many are compromised by the Appointed Mayor and No Term Limit Council. The public keeps voting them in.

Wendy was not allowed to do parking enforcement. No one is. I have spoken to many officers over the years. The know what's up. This town has tipped into terminal denial. Wendy, said "When the citizens need help and they need it right now, we were able to do that,” Citizens need guidance and parking, parking education, and a parking plan. That is MIA for the last 7 long years. PT Government fails year after year. Six million dollar buildings sell without any parking consideration hampering development. Now this year as "recovery" is the buzz word, the cultural and financial damage continues.

But, it sure is perky around here. Yummy frosting on a sh** cake. Good luck Wendy, you were pleasant when I dealt with you and you were not allowed to do any enforcement. Hope your new place doesn't depend on City enforced parking.

From: Community services officer bids farewell to PT Police Department

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