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"But let’s face it, most Americans need/want leaders. They decide who that leader is and then they follow their directives and their advice. Unfortunately, they’re getting erroneous, hateful, and egregiously wrong information in many cases. They’re deluded because they’re getting incorrect information, to put it mildly."..... I agree, most people accept the outcome of an election and get on with their lives, that didn't happen in the 2016 election. "not my President" was heard among those who wanted Hillary Clinton to be POTUS, and abetted by a biased agenda-driven mainstream media they spent the next four years attacking the duly elected President. So now after all that we're supposed to"come together", sorry Dusty but those who have hated on the POTUS for the last 4 years have proven that they don't know how to "come together".

From: As a nation we rise or we fall together | Letter to the editor

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