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When people speak of the "soul" of Port Townsend, folks like you Kirsten and the attitude at Safeway you note embody that. Other aspects I often call to everyone's attention is a blight on the "soul". Main Street, the Chamber, the "new" City Manager, most City Council, and especially the 3 time appointed Mayor want the honor of representing the "soul" while taking from it.

I was at the historic Post Office this morning. Looking at the worn floor tiles I am reminded how many of us are worn down and don't object to negativity wrapped in positive spin. Day to day we don't notice what is worn away... from what needs to be and even ourselves just to fit in.

The ripple effects of the deconstruction and defunding of any kind of parking enforcement and education by long term special interests resulting in discrimination and favoritism have worn the positive "soul" now for 6 years or so. So long that to fix it some need to admit the long term problems created by some still in power.

Tens of thousands of visitors from near and far are put through inconvenience. Hundreds of thousands of dollars lost due to less business access many days for years. That is reality. It is why there are laws to be followed by "the City" that "the City writes. The City ignores its laws. Cheerleaders cheer on.

Cheerleaders don't make the soul. They use it for their own purposes. On the playing field there is mud and blood to get to the goal. I am on team soul. Time for all "public servants" to expect more from policy makers who cheat at the game, and themselves. Asking for respect for all is not negative. Disrespect is. Beneath the surface the soul is wounded by those entrusted to make it stronger.

Thanks for all that contribute, and don't just give lip service to "soul" as a hollow career. Those who wish may resume cheering to drown out the problems on the playing field they contribute to with silence. Cheering is fun and easy.

Negative? No, searching for a positive outcome for all.

From: What do you love about Port Townsend? | Word on the Street

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